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Grrr. Need to moan about feedback!

I’ve just completed a proofreading job for a buyer. It wasn’t easy. In fact it was a total pain.

Despite their poor English, I maintained good communication, even carried out a bit of research to double-check some of the info they’d written (it’s the kind of guy I am) - all part of the service.

Their written feedback was “Great service, THANK YOU, you worked very hard at it!

Well, that all sounds rather lovely - even ‘thank you’ was written in uppercase to emphasise it! They must love me I thought…

So why give me 4 stars in every category and not 5?! In seven years of selling on Fiverr, apart from one scammer who gave me 1 star, no one has ever given me 4 stars. Grrr.

This particular buyer was one of those - I call them - puppy dog buyers. They’re forever sending random messages, wanting to change the original order, chasing delivery, etc. His job took far longer than I would have liked it to, and that’s the reward I get!

By the way, I call them puppy dog buyers because just like a puppy they’re too excitable and can’t focus on one thought for very long.

Just had to get that off my chest. I’m now going to block them.


Some buyers never leave 5* on principle.

Also, buyers who can barely explain themselves in English tend to get frustrated when you have any difficulty understanding them and love to slap you with that 4* for Communication. While you just nearly fried your brain trying to make sense of what they were trying to say. It’s just a personal observation, I had a few of those.


I understand your frustration. Keep in mind, though, a 4-star review isn’t bad. And it is far better than a 1-star review. I wouldn’t worry too much about the positive 4-star he gave you. That shouldn’t cause any notable drop to your overall 60-day rating, so long as you have even just a handful of other 5-stars during that same period.

The 4-star is frustrating… but it’s not going to ruin you as a great seller. :slight_smile:


Lol If I was the seller I would have sent him some dictionary or grammar links along with the delivery :smiley: :smiley:

and end up getting 3*

Just a quick follow up to my original post from a few days ago. I woke up this morning to find the same buyer has now tipped me!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful. But human behaviour can be very odd.

I wasn’t good enough to be rewarded with 5 star feedback, but I was good enough to be told “ Great service, THANK YOU, you worked very hard at it! ” and now good enough to be tipped!


This to me, sounds like a case of either fat thumb syndrome or I’m better than you-ism.

When afflicted with fat thumbs, buyers struggle to correctly tap the fifth star on a review box. To do so, they have to maneuver their entire hamburger hand in a way that is completely at odds with how they usually hold an Xbox controller. In this case, buyers don’t hate you, they just aren’t very dexterous.

With I’m better than you-ism, buyers have a cultural predilection to look down on everyone and find small narcissistic ways to remind you that they are superior to you. This is very common in millennials in the West, who have a natural distrust of anyone over 40. You might have done great work on an order. However, to them, you still ruined the world they were born into.

In either case, don’t stress. A 4-star review is still a good review.


I bestow upon you the very high honour of ‘Exemplary Witty Reply of the Day’. That’s brilliant! Very amusing. Burger hands… :rofl: .

I’m not stressing about it. Really, I’m not. But I do find the psychology of it fascinating.

I work alongside some millennial sorts. I’m not disputing their talents but there is a certain arrogance that emanates from their very being.

I’m sure I wasn’t like that when I was their age.


Hi, good to hear that they’ve tipped you.
I personally tend to be an introvert then shy to select 5* in sensing it might sound ostentatious even when I see it ‘Excellent 5*’ in every occasion. So I guess it wasn’t you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your parents say the same about you and those avocado munchers will say the same about their kids. Probably.

Of the millennials I know, most don’t realize they have kids. They are either at school or in front of an iPad.

This is why I can’t work alongside real people anymore. I used to have nightmares about a girl called Dawn who made my life hell at work. She seemed to think it was her job to spend all day moaning about her working conditions rather than actually working, while also trying to dissect what my job was. I even had a nightmare where I strangled her after she walked into the office once.

Thankfully, I got revenge. Everyone assumed that their contracts would be renewed for the winter season, and I made sure this wasn’t the case.

Technically, I became the capitalist inhuman monster they all despised by making my employees homeless just before Christmas. (They all had FREE live-in accommodation.) However, to this day, I’ve never regretted it.

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We’ve got a name for it now?

Got a mental image of you turning around in a swivel chair as they entered the office to be told while you stroke Chico in your lap.

(For clarity, Chico is Cyaxrex’ gorgeous dog)


Not too far off! I did love my swivel chair! However, I didn’t have Chico then. Also the office scene was more chaotic.

I didn’t tell anyone they were being let go. They only found out when they saw their jobs listed on the company website and Intranet. When that happened, there was a rampage into the office, at which point I was very civil and let them know that they were all welcome to reapply if they wanted to stay over winter. None did, though (which I was counting on).

I did get in a little hot water with HR, because I had technically used a loophole to get rid of everyone. However, I managed to replace 5 full-time staff who did nothing but complain with 2 full-time staff who actually worked, thereby getting a nice pat on the bak in the end for reducing the wage bill.

Sadly, when I applied for my old job a couple of years ago, someone who didn’t like me took great pleasure in telling me they had a cleaning position I’d be a good fit for. However, now that the economy has collapsed and the entire company is going out of business, I kind of had the last laugh again. :wink:


Lol! Are you the evil twin, @cyaxrex … ? In which case, does your twin - the good one! - have a profile here on Fiverr … ?

This is the exact opposite of my philosophy haha! Amazing how people pat themselves on the back for “being honest” and thinking “nothing’s perfect” when leaving a permanent mark on someone’s small business reputation.