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OK so it may not be the biggest deal in the world but… Some bimbo stole my gig title! “I will be your favorite virtual assistant” was just me and my clients could easily find me that way. Now some newbie stole my title (fortunately she didn’t steal everything else). With a 100% rating, my claim to be their favorite assistant was true. Whereas the thief has an 86% at level 1 so CLEARLY she is NOT a favorite for several clients. Regardless, now some imposter is getting dirt all over my squeaky clean gig title and I don’t like it. I don’t care what anyone says, imitation is not flattering especially when it’s a crappy imitation. My claws are out lol! Bimbo beware!

I sympathize. However, the title you choose to use for a gig is not exclusive to you. With the limited length of gig titles, other sellers are within their rights to use the same or similar title. That is the nature of competition.

Now, if someone was copying the entire text of your gig word-for-word, and claiming it was their own, then you might have a case for concern.

Keep doing the great work you do as a personal assistant, and people will soon come to realize that your gig might be the better deal.

Rofl, I love that word bimbo, sometimes it just fits so well. Sorry she copied your title, I hate that too. Maybe you can add to your title to signify it’s you, something like “I will be your favorite non-bimbo assistant” … but I’m sure she would see that and just copy it.

I have a feeling she will burn out though if she’s at 86% and that your customers will realize it’s not you. Again, so sorry. I can’t stand gig copy’s. Probably would have been better if she stole everything, cs usually takes care of those quickly when I contact them.

Hi there,

Yup, I know how you feel, but I have to agree with what jonbass said,

if the seller copied/stole your gig title AND description, video, image,

you have every right to report them, but if it’s just the title, it might be a bit hard

to report. I actually checked this person, if she has used capitol letters for the word favorite, THEN it’s getting a bit dodgy, but she hasn’t.

With her having an 86% rating and you being 100%, I’m sure you have nothing to

worry about! :smiley:

I understand, I had no intention of ratting her out to customer service. I actually had a better plan in mind lol that I could do all by myself. I also understand that there are only so many ways to sell yourself with a gig title, I guess my point is that Fiverr has thousands of VA’s and up until now, no one felt the need to use the same title as mine. I’m also willing to bet this bimbo lol is using a stock photo of some attractive female, as the picture doesn’t look like one she took herself. I might have to send her a friendly little message that “favorites” don’t have 86% ratings a month into their Fiverr career. Thanks for letting me be catty, it feels good to release haha.

Reply to @accessgirl: Bimbo is a great word isn’t it! This is my impression of a bimbo VA, "OMG, Seriously! I would like love to do your spreadsheet! I have like been doing spreadsheets for like EVER! I totally don’t even like get it when people don’t like love spreadsheets, I mean SMH! Seriously, I would do spreadsheets like all the time if I could. But like I can’t because like sometimes I have to like work on my Justin Bieber fan page because I’m like club president and I like totally love HIM! But like who doesn’t right!"

This is what I’m up against lol

ahahah… ashley when people start copying you it shows that you are successful and good at what you do… dont hate the copy caters embrace them

Reply to @missashley8705: O…M…G… I lol’d coffee on my laptop.

She’s only 24 buyers behind you - and she seems to have a shorter average delivery time! This could get serious!

You could ask her to change her title, or something to that effect. I had that issue with a fellow cosplayer signing up to help fund her hobby as well. she copy pasted over half of my gig description, making minor changes to the costume list and the introduction. I spoke with her briefly on facebook about how it wasnt ok. she apologized, and i told her it wasnt that big of a deal, i have since changed my descriptions to make them different, and stand out.

Reply to @imrobertson: It’s true she does have less time to wait but also keep in mind quality takes more time. As far as the orders, I have seen several buyers I rejected that have left her reviews and I will admit to only accepting about half the orders people message me to do. I’m a quality over quantity kind of girl. I would rather have four jobs that each pay $50 than ten jobs that only pay $5. Don’t confuse my irritation with fear of being outdone. I just don’t like being copied by people who don’t deserve to share my reputation. Number of orders is irrelevant if you can’t make it out of level one because your ratings are terrible.

Reply to @missashley8705: Very good points! My reply was tongue-in-cheek :wink: