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Guarding Your Reputation and Image

Guarding your reputation and image and can sometimes be time consuming. I just spent 45 minutes rewriting a script from a new client who obviously does not speak English as a first language. I edited for several reasons - one being so I don’t end up sounding like an idiot in the final product. Honestly, for what they are paying me, I could’ve voiced his script “as is”, but my job is not just to take the money and run - it’s to do my best to get results for my clients. I have twenty-five years of commercial script writing experience and it makes sense for me to at least make suggestions for the benefit of my client. This time, I ended up rewriting the script almost entirely… but now it’s ready for the ears of English-speaking customers.

If all I’m being hired to do is voice a whiteboard video (as is the case here), I need to make sure it’s the best voice over possible so not only will I look good - but the guy making the whiteboard video will also look good (so he will come back to me for more later), and to also make the client who hired him look good (so he will come back for more from the whiteboard creator). All of this, so that we all look good in front of the potential customers who will see this video, be convinced to buy the product, make the client money, so they have more to spend on future advertising, and the circle of life continues!

If I just voice it and take the money… I get my money, but that’s the end of it, and nobody wins.

that’s true, we got alot of script with alot of mistakes, one does not simply ignore that :))

I rewrite scripts, spot mistakes and ask the buyer about them, it’s important to me that the work I deliver is good, for the buyer, and also because it’s gonna be in the gig portfolio and visitors will take a look at it so it has to be good :)>-

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: