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Guarenteed Best Suggestion of All Time For Sellers

Dear Fiverr,

Stop taking a dollar out of every 5$ made, and sticking us with the paypal fee too.

You guys taking a dollar from every order…understandable, but that’s highway robbery taking a dollar for every single gig extra i do… that’s our money as sellers,not yours. if you want extra money to skim off the top then start putting adds on the front page for other sites. don’t go ripping off customers.

How much do you think it would cost you to go make your own website, buy hosting each month, and then spend money on advertising to bring enough traffic to you to buy work? 20% is not a ripoff…go ahead and try it on your own and see how much you will end up spending.

…clearly states. ad revenue. that would more than cover that. they don’t need to take a dollar out of every 5$

Reply to @chicity90: What ad revenue? I don’t see any ads all over the Fiverr site.

But if the 20% doesn’t work for you, there are other freelance platforms that other people say have less percentages taken out. Have you tried selling on other sites or is Fiverr the only one?