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Guess what I want

I’ll rant a bit, my morning’s been rough.

I have a buyer I’ve worked with before once (it was quick and smooth, no issues along the way).

He came back with another order recently, 1 design in 3 different formats. Don’t even get me started how inadequate fiverr’s delivery system is for multi-format design work, it’s a rant for another day.

I got the brief, did it, delivered and he came back with: “Can you start from scratch, I feel like my idea isn’t working”. This is the entire revision and his average response time is 1 week, btw. I provide 1 concept per order and with the brief fully filled out it usually works out well for me. Making buyer fill out a short brief is an experience on its own but that’s beside the point.

So now the order along with my request to elaborate and an additional concept extra is going to hang in revision forever and I’d be lucky if I get this done in November. Getting him to accept the additional concept extra will be an exciting adventure as well, I’m willing to bet.

I’ve been working in the field for 15 years and I still struggle to come to terms with this “now guess what I want” mentality. I’m currently at the stage of 50% confused / 50% livid when it comes to it. Which I think is a good enough progress, I used to operate under 100% confusion on the matter.

I buy a lot of custom art for myself and others, and I always bring in the references and the color palettes because the last thing I want is to end up with something unusable, something I can’t hang on my wall because the colors are terribly off and it doesn’t work with the interior.

And that’s just art, worst case scenario is I can just gift it to someone else if I don’t like the end result.

Here we’re talking about the functional design, something that will attract people to the person’s business, speak for that business and promote it. It’s that person’s money and that person’s brand.

Yet, a lot of people — and I mean, A LOT of people — think that being as vague as possible and not being able to describe their own business, what it does, what is the message is 100% acceptable, productive and the way to go.

I received an order last week saying “We don’t know what we want this to say, use your imagination”. I’m not a copywriter or any kind of writer, nor a native English speaker. Are you effing sure you want me to speak for you?

How am I supposed to know things people aren’t able to articulate in any way themselves? How does it make any sense in their heads? I’m just curious at this point.


I sympathize with you. I’ve been a designer myself and it’s why I stopped.

If he used the revision button I would deliver the same thing again to him and tell him to place a new order with detailed instructions on what he wants. They can’t use the revision button for an entirely new concept.

What he said is entirely unacceptable. You cannot be expected to do a revision based on “start from scratch my idea isn’t working”.


I scratch my head and wonder when sellers are going to start pointing the finger at Fiverr. I firmly believe a lot of the buyer’s mentality has to do with Fiverr as much if not more than the buyer. Most buyer’s know that they can get away with being vague or inaccurate and easily request a modification knowing that the seller has the rating hanging over their head or a cancellation hurts the seller’s rating/ranking. What’s the worse that can happen to a buyer - they get a refund to spend elsewhere on Fiverr.

I don’t even want to hear about time since any gig not completed hurts both the buyer and seller’s time equally. I know I have been down the path of many time wasting scenarios I wish I would of avoided and spent my time elsewhere.

I wish you luck on your solution but until Fiverr changes, I think we are stuck with the buyers as they are. And to be honest, who could blame them.


Returning buyers are actually a blessing and a curse in that regard because they lure you into a false sense of security. You think to yourself, “oh, this one was nice”, and then they turn around and deliver a blow you don’t expect.

I definitely have days when I want leave the profession behind and devote myself to something that doesn’t involve people sending me their pinterest mood boards in lieu of a brief.


There are also a lot of sellers offering unlimited revisions for $5 and it doesn’t help the general perception of how the process works either.

Fiverr gets blamed for a lot of things, this one included, and I agree with some while disagree with others, but this problem with visual medium (or any creative medium in general) is not exclusive to fiverr.

People don’t get that disclosing the maximum amount of information that is actually relevant to the project is extremely beneficial to the end result and believe that being specific in any way will “hinder creativity”. So the guessing game begins.