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Guess What Live Portolio is gone >:(


Once again Fiverr team did a great job killing my profile again. Previously i told that my gig was on bases of copyright infringement detection team and upon my inquiry they told me that they suspected that one of my design was same as on web and protected. They just SUSPECTED and Denied my gig :rage: and now after 3 days of back and forth conversation plus providing all the proofs of source files of my designs I got my gig back today & guess what that gig is same as making a New gig :rage: because it’s Live portfolio is gone. all my old designs I created for my buyers which were displayed are gone. Fiverr CS is like " here take your gig back but it’s useless any way now so don’t bother because what so ever you do we are not going to believe that you are a designer because we say so :rage: "
For being honest and hard working This is how i end up here. I saw many gigs and there images which are providing totally crammed designs and taken from web and those gigs are still up and running with huge portfolio’s
If any one have any suggestions please provide I am really frustrated because I know I have to restart it all over and i think i should move on to another freelance website instead of fiverr. Your point of views are welcome.


Is this for your main gig?
As the reviews are there, I imagine it should be possible to get the portfolio back up there.
Check to make sure you have Live Portfolio switched on first - see if that brings it back.

If that fails, POLITELY ask CS about it and point out that you did not do anything wrong and that having the portfolio missing will hurt your sales.
Hope they can fix it for you.


Reviews are there but the preview images of the word are not there the main thing is missing :confused: i asked them about it let’s see what happens but i know for sure that my gig is ruined for 2 or 3 months straight :confused: