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Guess Who Join Fiverr


Hi fellow freelancers, Just want to take my writing to another step. I am Tamara,you can go through my profile,I am open to correction. Any word of advise would be welcome.


Hi Tamara,

Welcome to 5r! :slight_smile:

Why article writing? Just curious.


For starters, put a space after the commas. :wink:

Plus: “Guess Who Join Fiverr” is also wrong. It should be “Guess Who Joined Fiverr” or “Guess Who Joins Fiverr”

Have success with your writing gig?


I don’t want to scare you away, but in your profile description and in your gig description are also errors.
I will not point them out as you are a ‘graduate of English Literature’ and will find them yourself in a heartbeat.


You also need to have a profile picture or logo that is yours and not copied from the web. Your gig images should be your own too. Otherwise, your potential clients will do a google reverse search and find out the pictures or logos you post are not yours, and then they may not trust you with their work.


As a content writer here, I highly recommend you reconsider the kind of services you’re offering.


Thanks, I will go and rework on that.


Thanks you very much. I will think about that.


Thank you very much. I am really grateful for your correction and tips you have given to me.


Honestly. Writing doesn’t seem to be your strong point. You should try some other skill you are good at.


Thank you very much for the advice.


I don’t think so. If the OP can find those errors herself as you have said, she should have corrected those comma errors she made in her post.


Thank you very much, already working on that.