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"Guess who's back... Back again..."


OK so Fiverr is now actively pushing for private feedback on gigs I purchased.

Skipping it no longer cuts it. I keep getting push notifications so I can provide them with private feedback about how my seller performed.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

Nothing we didn’t already know, but it seems like Fiverr is really trying to get buyers to fill them out.

Looks like they are making a list. They’ll probably end up checking it twice.

They are trying to find out who’s been a naughty seller and who’s been nice. :slight_smile:

The title was a Slim Shady ref btw.


This delivery? It’s all about the delivery. I’m not sure what that means. I don’t know what a better term for it would be but it sounds a little confusing.

I wonder how long they have to fill that out after the delivery?


I received this notification for a gig I reviewed two days ago.


Hoping you wait to see how long you have before the option to fill it out is no longer there?


Oh it’s not going away. I will wait and see if they send me a new notification for sure.


It’s one thing to rate the seller in the review, but to answer those questions seems confusing to me for some reason.

For example I got more recently a gig in my own category that was different from anything I’ve ever purchased and was surprised by the delivery. It was not what I expected because I had no idea what to expect.

They need an option saying I’m not sure. for the questions.

The last question does not apply to my category also. For example people don’t use a psychic reading. They just read it. So they need an option saying
This does not apply.


So, buyers are not forced to leave reviews but they are to fill out Fiverr’s private feedback on sellers… Interesting to say the least :roll_eyes:

I wonder if Fiverr is mailing Santa…


I would have to honestly say that the delivery I got most recently did not meet my expectations at all— not at all— but that does not mean it was bad, it actually was good.

I’m sure that my deliveries won’t meet anyone’s expectations because people have no idea what to expect. That’s also true for psychic readings.


This is good for all of us on fiverr,
i don’t experienced this option but it is really looking good,
Thanks for sharing Sir.


It’s most likely used by their search algorithm to help rank gigs, with the higher rated at the top. Maybe if there were a lot of “very poor” responses CS or someone would look into it. Maybe fewer people are leaving public reviews.

Maybe not forced - just maybe prompted to more often? They’ll likely stop asking after a while I think after a certain amount of days has passed since order completion.


I checked that I had not used the delivery yet and they sent me another notification days later with the same questions! :persevere:

You only experience it is you are a buyer.


My experience was I got three on the one gig I purchased lately. :zipper_mouth_face:


I have found that over-all – since the new feedback question/answer “choke hold” came into affect, that many of my buyers are NOT leaving feedback. … even the ones who use to leave it all the time.

So, I am not sure how accurate this type of method really is for qualifying, how well a seller is doing at keeping customers happy – with so many choosing to click the x, and move forward. This particularity applies to the less communicative buyers.

Unreasonable buyers will be in heaven, feeling that their secret (private) trash talk might screw a seller up.

We need the ability to see buyers reviews - implemented asap, so there’s a bit more balance.


As long as Fiverr doesn’t use that questionnaire to punish sellers, it doesn’t bother me.

Not everyone uses the work delivered, people change their minds, or maybe they hired multiple sellers so only one delivery will be chosen.


This is what I think about this point:

It’s none of Fiverr’s business what buyers do with the work they order.

Asking so, Fiverr is trespassing the thin line of privacy - no matter is information is only for statistics.


Can buyer’s leave a regular review without answering those?


Yes, buyers can leave a “regular” review without answering the questionnaire. :wink:


Well for a gig I ordered weeks ago I received the same, I received an email saying:


As long as you do your job right and you deliver what you said you would … I am assuming you won’t have any problems but … I might be wrong .


There’s always buyers who have unreasonable expectations - well particularly in advertising musicians - which is a large part of what I do.

I guess it depends on what you do.


I agree 100%. However, I understand Fiverr’s POV. They probably want the best sellers to survive, while others suffer. For example, I can speculate this information will be used when decided who should be promoted to TRS, and who will stay as a level 2.

I also wonder what the future holds? Will we be getting e-mails complaining about our quality, expectations, and whether people are using our deliveries?

Let’s face it, we’re being treated like employees instead of freelancers.