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Guest posting - gigs you have ordered in the past link no longer active

Has anyone experienced guest posts you have paid a few months ago have now been deleted?

Feeling a bit disappointed to say the least.

I am not talking about one guest post im talking at least 10maybe more

so you ordered a gig, that seller posted on your blog, now those posts are gone, is that what you are saying?

No Sir I ordered gig that they would write and post on sites of high domains and their websites, a few months down the line link no longer active.

I have loads of orders where the links have gone.

so you have control of those sites or it is their sites?

I’ve heard about it happening. I’m sorry you didn’t get what you paid for.

Keep in mind, though, that Fiverr doesn’t allow the sale of services that take more than 30 days to provide. If a seller offers for the post to stay on the blog forever, as some of them do, that’s breaking Fiverr’s ToS, and isn’t a legit service (in other words, the seller either never bothered to read the Terms of Service, or is knowingly violating them; either way, not trustworthy, unless you already know them and have a great experience with them).

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Its there site or an authority site

it is not breaking Fiverr’s TOS…if I offer a gig to write a blog post, then there is the blog post. that is the gig, staying forever is something different, thus not breaking FTOS

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There is so many of them Im thinking of disputing each order with fiver just for the prinicpal for other people using their gigs.

I realise now its a bit of a lost cause.

I wondered why my site has dipped now.

well, did the gig specifically say that the post will stay there forever?

Its just frustratting and a waste of money, but I have learned my lesson, to just use my money to write new articles for my own blog.

I need to check each one there are loads

so these articles on other sites wrote about you and linked to your own site?

yes that is correct, the gigs promised a high back link didnt realised this was temporary.

One seller did a post on cafe mom a couple months ago now gone.

Another gig example was to write on medium to link me to medium that has gone too.

It’s always good to keep in mind what @catwriter said. Fiverr ToS doesn’t allow a seller to offer something that extends beyond 30 days. If the seller doesn’t say that a service goes beyond that, then the buyer should assume it does not. If the seller does claim that the service extends beyond 30 days, they can be reported to Fiverr Trust and Safety. It might not get your own money back, but Fiverr can choose how to enforce the ToS which might include removing gigs or even closing the seller’s account.

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The cafe mom cost 15 dollars complete waste of money:angry:

If it was up for a over a month on a site with that much credibility, it should have been worth something. I wouldn’t consider $15 too much to pay for that kind of exposure.

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I understand what you are saying and have learnt a valuable lesson, I wish I had brought gigs to write for my own blog which I will do in future.


It is also possible that the posts on third party sites like Medium etc were deleted for being spam/promotional which has a negative impact on the site’s profile and rankings. Many of the “HuffPost” articles that people post are deleted quite quickly. If the person who sells the link does not own the site themselves then they have no authority to say how long the link will be there - quite aside from the fact that anything over 30 days is not covered by Fiverr ToS.