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Guidance in this point

As all of you knows that Fiverr has now introduced the new feature of using Smiley in the conversation in Inbox or on Order page but i think i remember that, before this feature, one of seller was saying in the forum that don’t use smiley like ( :), :(, :P, :wink: ) because according to that seller it looks unprofessional by using it in this professional platform.

What’s your views regarding this?

Personally, I wouldn’t use these for this reason.

Looks like they’ve put the whole standard collection of emojis to use.
There are some “Farewell emojis” like middle finger which would probably be used on your last day of fiverr xD
Still cool though.
I think it will be too awkward for me to use these with clients.

Hahahaha… Good joke. May Allah bring more success for me on Fiverr not last day. Ameen. Thank you for your views.

Thank you for your views.

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I would probably only use the thumbs up when I’m extra busy and I have those type of people who constantly talk like they need their hand held… “I’ve uploaded the file” then I would reply with a thumbs up if they’ve messaged several times in this way. They just need a little reassurance and there is nothing better than a thumbs up haha

I’m kinda silly, so I like :stuck_out_tongue: and :smiley: I use these a lot.
I think it goes with my personality and when combined with what I write, gives my buyers an idea of my personality. (Y) < supposed to be the thumbs up… lol

Maybe they will add them to the forum soon. :smiley:

Yes …I need it at forum more then the inbox…we cant send :wink: or <3 to the buyers…It may look unprofessional to many professional buyers…

Well for me I used to use it a lot somehow!
I used to use = ) when I say “Thank you” after they order the gig, and when I finish it, or sometimes when I’m talking with them, I guess it depends on the person how to see it or feel it in the psychological way.

But to use them a lot really it feel they are unprofessional I agree with that, so that’s why I don’t use it a lot currently.

I just advise every seller and buyer to be themselves if it’s with"emojis" or not, just BE YOURSELF that’s it.

Thank you!