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Guidance needed seniors!

Help and guidance needed seniors!

My case:
I’ve got order 4 days back, I have done a great job on this order and my buyer was very happy and he left a tip with a good comment ‘‘over all positive experience’’ but with all this he left 4 star rating. I texted him ‘‘I am disappointed by the review you have posted because I have done a great job and every thing you had asked for’’

After that I contacted fiverr customer support and told about my bad experience and the person ‘‘xxx’’ was assigned to me’ He said your behavior is admirable because you had provided with your buyer with multiple revisions he also added review can’t be removed unless buyer contact us himself and ask for a review update or removal if he has put the review accidentally, and in this case it is’’ I repeat he said in this case ‘‘it is’’. and he said let me know how buyer respond.

What next thing I did I texted ‘‘xxx’’ back ‘‘thanks for your advice and let me ask my buyer about fiverr policy may be that could help’’ then i contacted my buyer and asked him about the fiverr policy and told him you can go for update if you put it accidentally. He said ‘‘I though I left a positive review’’ I told him yeah, you left but as a fiver standard 4 star is not considered very good because of very high competition and I am very stressed because of that because I alway got a 5 review and I put a lot of effort in every project. ‘’ I never ask him any favor in return. I didn’t commit any free thing or discounted rate neither I black mailed him. In short i conveyed him about fiverr policy nothing more than that. I highly respect fiverr policies and i reported many times when ever I have seen any thing against fiverr policy. I reported when buyer ask me to contact outside fiverr etc.

Happily he went up for the review update request and sent a screen shot to me and I thanked him and forwarded this screenshot to ‘‘xxx’’ for up gradation but nothing happened and I have received my first ever warning regarding violation on fiverr and I think that was mistake at fiverr part because no one have noticed I just conveyed fiverr policy to my buyer or the person from fiverr asked me to do.

So what I left with?
Instead of solving my review problem I got another one which is a warning. I have got two problems now and my gigs are suddenly went down. I consider this is totally injustice to me and I want to to reconsider my case please. I am not guilty.

I shall be very thankful to you please guide me how must I put up my case?

Please help


That is seen as review manipulation.

Read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! to help protect your account going forward.

Many sellers have posted on the forum that they got a warning because they asked about a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.


You’re lucky you didn’t get your account suspended with your behaviour, to be honest.

Because you:

  1. Lectured your buyer about how “disappointed” you were with the review they had a full right to leave;
  2. Reported the buyer when there was no violation to report;
  3. Continued pressuring the buyer into changing the review even though you were told by CS it was a buyer’s decision, not yours.

Seriously, you got lucky. People got more severe penalties for less than this. I understand why you were frustrated by the review but let it go.


Thanks for replying!
Don’t you think I need to tell him what a person from fiverr told me to. He said contact your buyer and I couldn’t say anything right in his face I need to tell him my condition and fiverr competition as well because he was new to fiverr! If that is a violation then fiverr person could have told me just leave it and move on!
what do you think

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No, it is not CS’s obligation to tell you anything. It is your responsibility to have read and understood Fiverr’s TOS.

As @lenasemenkova said, you were lucky Fiverr didn’t ban you.


You came into buyer’s inbox with a lecture of how disappointed you were (that’s review manipulation attempt #1). You reported the buyer to Customer Support for nothing (technically, a ToS violation and overall a bit irrational).

When CS told you to relay the rules to the buyer (if this is what happened), you were supposed to just tell the buyer that if the review was left by mistake, they could changed it if they wanted. Yet, you gave them the entire spiel about being stressed, the competition and 4* being not high enough for your standards. (Fiverr considers everything higher than 3* a positive review, btw). – and that is review manipulation attempt #2.


Thanks for your time @lenasemenkova

Well. I am new to fiverr but I have read all about fiverr policies before joining. I think it is not very simple as other peers are suggesting. If you are new then fiverr person must take care of your case instead of asking you to contact buyer. He must have know about the sensitivity of your case and at least he could have mentioned what to ask buyer in this specific case. I think when you got a green signal from fiverr person you must have thought you are safe now and you had tell buyer very directly, I can understand the Psyche. According to me if you didn’t ask your buyer to upgrade or remove the comment before contacting customer support then you must be relieved I guess. Explain yourself to fiverr in detail I think it is a simple case you will get benefit.

Good luck


You presented my thing better than me @stepupcreations
thank you so much


You are welcome!
Who ever is saying that you are lucky since they didn’t ban you. I think they should read about fiverr polices. Fiverr never ever ban any one on first violation, Even it is mentioned in the link @lenasemenkova posted. I am amazed why she is saying one thing and at the same time she is linking something totally opposite. May be they think one can get more orders bu doing this, who knows.

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Probably because I wasn’t the one linking “the opposite”.

By all means, though, OP is free to continue pushing the issue with customer support and see what happens. I’d rename this post to “guidance needed, brand new users who agree with me”, though.


Yes they do. This entire thing is serious and some people would be banned for it.