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Guidance On Handling Logo Not Meeting Style


I’m new to Fiverr, so I’d like some . My logo order I asked for “Clean / Minimal” style - one of their style options, but I don’t think two of three logos meet that style. I’ve asked a few people here, and they all agreed with that. To me, asking for a revision is incorrect - to me, a revision is a small tweak, that sort of thing. A small tweak isn’t what would fix that. I also realize that styles are subjective.

What is the proper way to handle that? Accept and leave feedback reflecting my concerns? I’d like to know the proper etiquette.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @cdlcdl

Are you a seller?


@pandumstudio No, I am the buyer.


If you have state this explicitly and tell the seller about your requirements and needs, i could say that your designer doesn’t have a thorough understanding about minimalist/clean/sleek logo. I suggest you to explain a little bit more about your requirements (or the worse case, educate the seller about what minimalist logo is). Then, politely ask the seller that you need all the logo concepts in minimalist style.

If you think that it is the seller who fail to understand your requirements, then you should move on to another seller, in my opinion.

This is just my point of view as i’m also a designer, and i hope that will help :grinning:


This is an option but you’ll be throwing money away. In the other hand you can try to explain a bit more as @pandumstudio stated before depending on how many revisions the seller offers.


It depends on what the terms of the offer were. If you’ve ordered 3 logo options with the intention to pick and use one — then from what I’ve understood you did get one usable option so there are no concerns to be expressed.

If these were 3 separate logos and you were going to use all of them, then you can say the requirements weren’t met 100% if you did provide the requirements that were clear and detailed.

If you’re ordering something visual, the best course of action would be to provide a few designs that you personally find appealing and fitting to what you’re looking for. Then the person can get a sense of what your personal taste is and there is less room for error because indeed, taste is subjective.

I’d talk to the seller to find out what options they can offer you in this situation. Generally, though, new option is a new option that is paid for separately. It’s not a revision.


The answer is simple, talk to the seller!