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[GUIDE] 3 Biggest Takeaways I've learned as a Level 2 Seller after 1 year

I started my online business through Fiverr exactly one year ago providing real professional dance services in the form of promotional dance videos, artist choreography, and product placement advertisements.

In my first month alone I managed to generate over $1000 in revenue through a mix of small orders and big client proposals.

Here are the 3 Biggest Takeaways I’ve learned over the year:

1) Strive for getting it done, not for perfection
Too often in the beginning of my business did I want everything to be perfect from SEO to thumbnails to the descriptions. However, I ended up not focusing on why people would want to buy my services in the first place, which was offering a QUALITY and COMPETITIVE service that stood out from the rest of the dancers in my niche. Instead of worrying about every small details from the get go, get your product or service off the ground, get some authentic feedback from your clients, and then make adjustments as you go.

2) Be different
When I first started, I did a lot of research in terms of who was in my niche and who were my competitors in the space. Initially, I just said to myself that I had to have the same gig but better than the other guys. Turns out, the even more successful strategy was carving myself an even deeper niche than the other sellers. Instead of providing viral dance videos, I was providing PROFESSIONAL dance services, something I knew other dancers and choreographers on the platform couldn’t offer knowing they didn’t have the same industry or training experience as I did. As a result, I was able to charge more, become more searchable, and maintain a Level 2 status with a high return rate for clients and orders.

3) Start now
Just like the first point, no level of planning, drafting, researching, etc. will match what actually posting your gig and getting it done does. Orders get you clients and in turn your revenue, not constantly editing the same draft that no one will see if you never get it public. Exercise your due diligence of course, but remember what you came here to do!

Since the start of my Fiverr journey, I’ve actually started over my account completely from scratch in order to better leverage things like SEO through my new username, new reach, creating new Fiverr urls for my gigs, you name it.

I couldn’t be more excited to get another account up and running and back to Level 2 status and beyond.

Let us know what your biggest takeaways as a Fiverr seller has been these days!
If you’re new, be sure to drop by a check out a Fiverr veteran’s page to see what ideas or concepts you might be interested in using for your own gigs.

Happy selling!

You are a new seller (Account Jan 2021) with no sales.

What happened to your other account.

Edit: I CLOSED my Level 2 Fiverr account with over $5000 in Revenue. Here's Why

Wait, you intentionally closed a successful level 2 account because the profile name was not SEO friendly? That’s quite a lot of risk for what seems like very little potential benefit. There are many top rated and pro sellers with wacky/non-SEO friendly usernames, and that seemingly hasn’t hindered them at all.