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Guide for new upcoming buyers

Hi, my name is nimra mughal, Providing, each and every service, e.g, videos, *

ntact me here,
SO, i can guide you in better ways…


I have moved your post to “My Fiverr Gigs.” That is the only place on the Forum you can promote your gigs. Otherwise, you could get flagged and you post hidden. A moderator could even remove your post if you advertise in the wrong category. :scream_cat:

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kindly check my profile, suggest me how to improve

By your use of English in your gig titles, it is apparent that it is not your first language. Some buyers may be reluctant to hire you because they will worry about how easy it will be to communicate with you. :thinking:

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Did you follow the SEO tile advice from here?

If you did, it’s always good to add in create, make etc.after the ‘I will’ so the titles make sense, as the SEO guide suggested. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, You can take all of the sales and marketing advice here, but if there is something fundamentally flawed with your gigs, your performance cannot and will not change.

I have noticed that most sellers in the forum who complain that they aren’t getting sales position their gigs this way: “I will do x task” and “I have x skills.” This isn’t effective because it doesn’t prove your value to a prospect or engage your target audience in your work. It’s vital to develop, market and sell gigs as a solution to a problem, not as “I can do these things for you.” Before you can do that you need to know what the problems are. You have to do a lot of research of your target market.

I looked you up and your gigs are extremely competitive and it isn’t clear why someone should hire you over someone else.

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Why would no order history suggest that you don’t have competition? It actually suggests the opposite and if you research here, you’ll see what I mean.

You do have competition and there are loads of solutions you can viably offer for $10.

I’m trying to help you. Denying you have a problem and being snarky isn’t going to help you get sales.

I guess the only thing left to do for a new seller is probably just to keep waiting and waiting until they get tired of it and eventually give up. Afterall, what is the point of to keep trying if you spent months, even a year and did not get anything?

This assertion is totally wrong. Like I said, if the gig is the problem, none of these tactics are going to help you, neither will “waiting around.”


I want to ask you that at starting time about 3 months after making my id, my gig was making too much impressions, i got about 6 orders in one night. but after that my id is not booming. plz, guide me for that.

Business ebbs and flows here. Just the way it works in a lot of cases.

If you get too many orders to handle, go to the Gig page on the desktop site and select the gig you want to limit orders for. You can select how many orders you want possible open at the same time.

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i love it…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart: