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[Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr

Very help full post.Thanks a lot!

Very helpful post. Thanks

Thanks for sharing your valuable post

I want to know that my niche is graphic design and I am offering 4 different logo designs services with different keywords is that good I mean same logo service but different gigs.
Hearing from you would be a great pleasure for me.

I probably can’t attribute my increased sales to the gig video alone - but it absolutely helped! I know this for a fact, because I’m also a frequent buyer on Fiverr, and I won’t even consider a gig without a video. A good video is usually a nice indicator that the seller har put time and effort into their gig, and will do the same with my order.


Offering the same identical service in several gigs isn’t a good idea. All your gigs should offer something unique to the buyer. I would recommend making all your gigs unique, offering something different. If you’re a logo designer, I’m sure you could put together other gigs like “complete brand design”, “business card design”, “social media branding kit” etc. That would be a better approach than making several gigs with the same exact service.

As a last note: it is, at least to my knowledge, a breach of the Terms of Service to have multiple duplicate gigs.

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Great to hear as I was confused about whether or not adding a gig video. As you said from a buyer’s perspective a gig with video will be most preferable to buy there adding a good gig video can certainly help in increasing the sales.
Thank you for your answer again

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@smashradio Thanks for sharing great ideas.

Yeah, I understand but I also have gigs with social media branding and stationery also photo editing gig.

Thank You, Very Useful Post.