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[GUIDE][INFOGRAPHIC] Increase Your Gig Click-Through Rate

Hey guys,

in this Guide I want to walk you through some strategy and tips to increase your Gig’s Click-Through Rate (CTR from now on).

The CTR is the percentage of people that click on your Gig during their researches.

Improving CTR means having more opportunity to land a sale as well as increase your gig’s ranking.

We’ll talk about two elements: keywords research and gig thumbnail optimization.

Let’s jump into it.

Keywords Research

  • Use the Search Bar to Gather Suggestions
    Switch into Buying Mode.
    Start to type your service name. Proceed slowly and write down all the suggestions.

  • Be Specific
    For your gig’s title you should pick a long tail keyword with the “basic” keyword included.
    Let’s see an example: if you offer website design services, you can choose “professional website design and development”; in this way you’ll target also the different variations of the words within the title, such as “professional website design” or “website development”, but also the basic one “website design”.

  • Use the 5 Tags
    Be sure to insert all the 5 tags using the most relevant keywords you’ve found during your research

  • Reverse Engineer the Best
    Who are the best for your keywords? Who is already getting results?
    Check their gigs, understand their keywords and, simply, copy them.

Gig’s Thumbnail - Image - Cover Optimization

Competition on Fiverr is wild.

Your gig is nothing more than a box between many other similar boxes, all of them struggling to catch the attention of the same person.

You need to stand out.

The good piece of news is that most of Fiverr gigs’ thumbnails look very unprofessional.
They lack the basics of design.

We’ll cover the guidelines to improve, divided in three categories: copy, design, colors (or background).

But you might also consider to invest few bucks, save you a headache and let do this to a professional designer here on Fiverr.

First of all, the correct size of a gig thumbnail is 550px (width) and 370px (height).

Copy Tips

  • What do you do?
    Clearly state what’s your service and your unique value proposition

  • What’s your customer goal (or results)?
    Again, you can choose to state your customer’s goal to catch their attention, example: “get more followers!”

  • What’s your customer problem?
    Or make them feel like you’re on point tackling their issue in the copy

  • Be short and concise
    Your space is limited. Put into the thumbnail just the most important information.

  • Insert a CTA
    Don’t underrate the value of a good call to action. Examples: “Read Full Description”, “Let’s talk”, “Look my portfolio”

  • Be careful with lists
    Limit your list to essential items and be sure it keeps the harmony of the design

Design Tips

  • Keep it clean
    Harmony, harmony, harmony

  • Keep it light
    Don’t put too much content

  • Avoid the corners
    Always some space from the borders to let the content breath

  • Mind the space
    Play well with the space between elements to drive attention in the best way

  • Set a hierarchy
    Not everything with the same size/weight, prioritize elements one over the other

Colors/Background Tips

  • High Contrast
    Set a high contrast for CTA / heading, look for complementary colors

  • Stand out
    If most of the gigs cover in your niche are, let’s say, blue color, try to choose something a bit different

  • Mind the images
    Be sure the images looks good at the gig’s thumbnail size and lower.
    Be sure it doesn’t ruin the contrast. If necessary, think about adding an overlay.

Here’s an infographic that summarize all the above (open and zoom to read clearly):

Final note
There’s no magic trick.
I know that if you have reviews you get much more attention (and rank better) than if you don’t.
I know there are people with terrible images or very unprofessional thumbnails which are getting tons of sales.
I know this is nothing new under the sun, just an alternative way to repackage info and tips.
For who is not getting much results, trying to improve is always better than nothing.

Hope this help someone.
Good Work.

The Disciplined Strategist


thank you very much for more information

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@imagination7413 why the topic has been moved in My Fiverr Gigs while it’s not a gig of mine but just a series of tips?

Thank you for reading

I actually agree with much of what you’re saying, but you offer it as a service, and this is, therefore, advertising.

Original tips. The Keyword section in your post is not original or new, and has been hashed and rehashed hundreds of times. The ‘thumbnail’ information is only a bit better. It’s against the forum rules to create duplicate posts.

Plus, you’ve been on Fiverr less than one month and have no rated sales. You’re not qualified to offer advice on getting orders or CTR, you haven’t supplied any proof that your CTR is any better than anyone else’s.

Lastly, you have stars on your gig images. This is against Fiverr’s policy: Fiverr Sends A Lot Of Mixed Messages

From that last one:

“Do not use a Fiverr seller badge or rating stars in your video or any other Gig details. Seller metrics are not permanent and may change on a monthly basis.”

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True, i thought it was fine as soon as it wasn’t directly linked.

For the keyword section, i did specified that there was nothing new, basically a repackaging of information in my way.

I had another account in the past, those tips come from that experience.

About the stars, i didn’t imagine (nor read) that was against the rules, imma fix that.

Just wanted to join the community and provide some value, it’s a pity it ended up like this.
I better focus on other things though.

Anyway thanks for fixing the alignment of the bullets point, it was driving me crazy.

Cite your sources.

I have a help-thread here on the forums as well, but I listed where I got all the information from, to prove my intent to further learning and self-education and so people can check the validity of the claims. I also did my best to explain the ‘why’ if my source material didn’t or didn’t clearly. There’s also the consideration of context. There’s near always an exception to any rule. Sketch artists in the Illustrations category, for example, need to be very careful with what colors they include in their images, as it might give buyers the impression that colors are part of the gig.

If you have anything to offer in regard to tips that aren’t already covered in the below threads or in the links in my previous post, then I welcome and invite you to edit your post yourself so that it can rejoin the ‘Tips’ category.

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