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Guide me about Fiverr payment method and withdraw

Hey everyone, I hope all you guys feel well.
I earned $28 since July. I have a Payoneer account but I have not yet requested for Payoneer card, Is it necessary? without it what can not be done?

How to withdraw money from Fiverr?
How much earnings withdrawal can I get?



Thank you so much dear :blush: you are really great.


It’s on the site :smile:

I know but I confused right now about procedure

Solution for withdrawal, there is a option for transfer money in to your bank account. You can simply transfer it in your bank and receive from your account…

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Hello @nafisa_ghouse

1>if you have Payoneer account you can withdraw you $ no need card for money withdraw

2>you can withdraw 1$ also no requirements how much

3>you go your Earning page then you see all withdraw system


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Thank you for your concern “Usman” but can’t transfer to bank. must be used payoneer. I don’t understand how can I will apply for payoneer card?

create payoneer account and link it with your bank account… You can then apply for payoneer card and choose shipment through Pakistan post that will take almost 1 month for shipment… payoneer charged 30$ annually, if you have more than 30$ you can apply for card… Payoneer charged 3$ for every transaction…

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ok Thank you so much

Ohh Okay I understood right now. :star_struck: Thank you so much for your great guidance

Hi @nafisa_ghouse you can apply for payoneer card, when you will receive total $100 payment from Marketplace.

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Thanks dear I have done my job and received Payoneer card and first Fiverr withdraw :innocent: :star_struck: Thanks to Allah Almighty

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