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Guide me about my gigs

hello , i am new in this platform plz guide me about my gigs

Share your gig links

Welcome !

I joined a month ago and I figured out quickly some easy tips to implement from scratch :

  • Make sure your Gig name includes all the keywords necessary to trigger the interest of a client FROM THE VIEW OF THE SEARCH PAGE ( your gig description will be cut if longer than a certain amount of characters )

-> We have no clue it is about logo and poster making.

  • If you can, include a short video showing your real you and what your clients can expect from the gig you are selling. Knowing who someone will interact with is, I believe, one of the most powerful conversion tool.

  • Take time to build a 3 packages template for your offer. It might be time consuming, but it is always worth it, since it is giving the impression that the buyer will get a good deal by ordering standard or premium options, rather than a basic one with limitations or very few options.

I hope this helps !


thanks a lot for your guidance