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Guide me related to gig images.

“Dear fiverr, may I use pictures download from a random website as my gig images”?

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Really? Are you even asking this question?

Ok then I’ll answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Those images belong to other people and you DO NOT have right to use them. You can only images for which you purchased “commercial licence” for using it in your gig.

Otherwise fiverr might block your account for copyright infringement.


Thanks for the guidance: :slight_smile:

Absolutely right what said Maria, never use stolen images.

I think you can use to generate gig images :grin:


i’m new user of fiverr that’s why i was asking, thanks for your guidance. :slight_smile:

Thanks @cherboub for the amazing website.I wasn’t aware of that. :grinning:

no,it is against rules of fiverr, you can only use your own created image.

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The website offers 10 generated images per month for free.
You can check:

You are absolutely right

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