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Gung Ho Sellers: No Tricks!

We get it; you want sales and you want them fast. You read an article about somebody that earned $100,000 last year on Fiverr or you have a friend that earns some side cash. You’ve decided that you’re going to attack Fiverr and make it submit to your will. You aim to become the Master of the Fiverr Galaxy and nothing is going to stop you…

Sounds great!

So you start doing your homework and you’re scouring blog posts, forums, and youtube videos to learn as much as you can. I mean after all, there must be some way to “game” the system and jumpstart your gig. Right?

Maybe there are a few ways but I’m going to give you a piece of advice that will help you in the long run. Stop…looking…for…tricks. Stop it right now.

Instead of focusing on methods to shortcut your way to earnings, spend that time on providing a better quality of service. Spend that time evaluating the markets you work in and learning what others are doing that is working. Learn from the competition. Learn from sellers in categories that you don’t compete with. Learn to communicate with buyers; even the most difficult ones. Listen to FIVERR! Are you actually doing what they say to do? Are you following the rules and recommendations?

Even if there is a shortcut or two, chances are that Fiverr will discover it and correct it. It’s not worth short-term gains to be suspended, blacklisted, or banned.

Stop with the tricks. Work hard. Deliver quality. Beat your competition. Grow as a service provider. Improve your technical skills. These things will help you grow on Fiverr as well off of the platform. If you improve all those things, over time, customers will find you and they’ll have no reason to ever look anywhere else for what you provide. That’s called, “Building a Relationship”. Fiverr will reward that. But don’t expect them to do it overnight. They want to see your commitment before they will commit to you.

Good luck



Great post. New seller should read this and even veteran sellers can’t say what is meant by successful on this platform today, we still learning.

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As you said new sellers should focus on quality, instead of worrying about tricks or gaming the system. One of the best way to get sales as a new sellers is to challenge yourself to exhaust all 10 offers in Buyers Request. Visit Buyers Request everyday and pitch. Not only do you learn do you learn how to sell your service but you are being proactive, instead of waiting for something to happen. If a new seller doesn’t see enough work in buyers request, open more gigs in more categories until you find something that works. The whole point is, you have to put in the work.

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great points!