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Guttenberg and Wordpress


Guttenberg excellent as a page editor huge upgrade over the classic editor but miles behind any page builder like Beaver,elmentor,Divi,Kc or even VC. Dont just update.Its heaven for bloggers perhaps developers need to learn more JS.


Exactly, i agree with you


Not so good for new developers


I think its an opportunity for new developers if we can learn to build custom blocks.


What? Not sure what exactly are you trying to say :slight_smile:


Well, at least one person thinks so.


Very bad review I think they will update something with new


Though it’s not so good for new developer.


It has a lot of new features when you try to post and the pictures can easily be put with custom blocks and better over the classic editor. After everything becomes compatible everyone will love it.


I see it as an opportunity where you can build custom blocks provided you know React JS n JS


Yup initially everyone is scared but things will get better


I think so too…:fu::fu::fu::fu:


Initially everyone got sacred but slowly people are getting used to it


Or most people don’t care and figure out how to disable Gutenberg :stuck_out_tongue:


Everything should have been compatible to start with. Also, from my and it seems other WP users experience, Gutenberg results in users having to spend more time publishing content.

Gone are the days when you could cut and paste an article which you have had created on Fiverr, before tweaking headings etc. Now everything has to be done paragraph by paragraph.

Thankfully, Gutenberg is easy to disable and other more capable plugins are now getting better exposure. In my opinion, Gutenberg will never catch on as it is easily 5-years behind in development compared to existing plugins like Elementor. It simply doesn’t feel user friendly and doesn’t deliver on any of its promises.

RIP Gutenberg. Merry Christmas WP Classic Editor & Elementor!