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Guy asking for free Voice Over work- Scam and Public Shaming

Here’s an idiot who tried to get me to record a “55 second audition” with the promise of a 16 minute (701 words which doesn’t make sense) high paying script to follow. I was reporting his comments all along and hoping to get him to agree to me giving him the “audition” tomorrow so as to give the Fiverr A**hole Police time to disable his account. Messages copy and pasted if you feel like reading :slight_smile: And now look at how much time I’ve wasted today because of this dude and feeling the need to rant about it too!! So lame.

Hi there! I’m looking for someone who can imitate this voice, but I’d like to audition you first, the audition audio would be about 55 seconds, are you interested?

MeMar 06, 3:08 PM

How long is the final audio?

the audition audio would be 55 seconds long, if you’re selected you’d have to do the voiceover for the whole video which is 16 minutes long for $200. are you interested?

MeMar 06, 3:22 PM

I would need to see the whole script before I can decide. Thanks
Send it over if you can.

I can only send you the audition script for now

would that be okay?

but I can tell you the total number of words the whole script is, it’s 701 words and my budget range for the whole video’s voiceover is between $200- $500.

but I’d like to audition first, the audition would be of the intro of the video, which is 55 seconds long.

so is that a yes?

MeMar 06, 3:34 PM

Sure, send me the audition script.

also you’d have to perform in a certain speed

so the audition would test that too

I’ll send you the reference audio for the speed part.

MeMar 06, 3:36 PM


the speed is not going to be same for the whole video though, there will be times when it’ll be slow in the middle of the video but the intro is fast which is why I’ve chosen the into for audition. I’m sending you the script and reference video shortly

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Also would it be possible to kind of imitate the voice of the audio that I sent you before, because that is the kind of voice that would be required for the whole video. For the audition you’d be performing the script as close to the pace of the reference audio as you can and it’ll be great if you could perform in the voice of the audio that I sent you before but perform it with a similar anthemic feel of the reference audio. Hopefully should be a fairly quick and easy read. When would you submit the audition file? would It be possible for you to send it by 5:30 pm ( your time) as I’m really looking forward to hire a voice actor for this project. Here’s the script and reference audio attached. You can expect to start working on the project by the day after tomorrow or maybe tomorrow if possible after I have a listen to your audition file. Hope to get the audition file soon.

MeMar 06, 4:02 PM

I won’t be ale to get to it until tomorrow because I have other jobs due first, sorry.

Him: Mar 06, 4:03 PM

it’s only 55 seconds

MeMar 06, 4:14 PM

If I were to do this for you (which I never would because I am not stupid and clearly this is a scam to try and get free work) I would need to set up my very expensive microphone and earphones to record, use a software editor for noise reduction, equalization, compressing, more noise reduction, normalizing, and then exporting to an MP3. All of this takes a specific set of skills that takes years of training to acquire as well as a knowledge of how to use your voice to best brig a script to life. This is the reason that people charge good money for voice over work and do not give it out for free to idiots like you. I do hope your account is disabled promptly and that you are unable to waste the time of good people trying to make honest money by providing quality work.

You should remove the username of the buyer, because naming and shaming is not allowed on the Forum.


Oh I didn’t know. I’ll try to edit. Thanks.