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Guy ordered just to leave bad feedback

This guy ordered website from me and paid me big tip also. He give me long review about how grateful he is and how A+++++ product I made for him. After order now he is asking me for free work and saying that If i will not do it, then he will buy another order from me and leave a bad feedback. Worked on this sh*t for 4 days, and if CS are gonna be on his side (which is not uncommon on fiverr) then Im gonna get furious. I finished my order, delivered my product and I don’t work with this guy anymore.

// He just made new order while I was writing this! Even after I told him I don’t want to work with him.


It sucks i know. Do you have a notice on your description to all buyers, that they need to contact you first before placing any order? If yes, then contact Fiverr support and tell them that a buyer placed an order prior to contacting you and that you do not want to work with this buyer. They will cancel it for you, don’t cancel it yourself, let them do it. and then report the buyer and block him if you need to. Unfortunately some people are just here to cause harm, it’s part of the being in business… Good luck :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but I believe that’s the third post I see from you having problem with a buyer…couldn’t it be your approach isn’t the best too?

Nowhere in the screenshots you’ve shared I’ve seen any threats from him, so I won’t comment on that, but…your overall communication lacks professionalism in my opinion.

Also if you’re pricing your services at $30, that’s your call and you are not doing your buyers any favors so saying for them to go look elsewhere if anyone would do the same for that amount of money is pointless after they’ve already placed an order with you.

Simply put: Even if you were in the right, the way you choose to communicate that to your buyer is the far opposite of what I’d call ideal, or even acceptable for that matter. Either you work on your customer service or I’m afraid your business won’t thrive.


Im sorry also but if you think that situation like that:

*Client review about product is 5 star and long great opinion
*Client wants you to work for free on his website
*Client tells that he will “place an order to give bad feedback” if i don’t do that work

If this client behaviour is appropiate for you, then im afraid you are gonna overwork yourself. And stating that this is my third post I share bad experience with buyer is really wrong and you probably didn’t read that topics carefully. My first client wanted me to copy funcionalty from website and my second one was threating to kill himself if I don’t align text to center. Communication service is bad? Please man…


:pensive: I’m so sorry for you. :pensive: You’re a good person.:ok_hand:Many are looking to exploit such good people. 🙋 I wish that you will never have such an experience again!


Simply block the person & ask CS to cancel the order :slight_smile:


Thank you guys. I just made this topic to chill a little bit. And maybe gain some useful informations that will help me.

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I have to agree with this. Reading your messages, it sounds like your buyer is asking you to fix a bug they didn’t notice when you delivered their order. You then seem to say okay. However, you don’t say when you will fix this and instead try lecturing your buyer about what a great deal they have had from you.

It seems like you are misinterpreting your buyers’ request and motivations here. It also seems like you are angry about how much you are doing for how little you are charging.

If I was a Fiverr CS agent here, I would side with your buyer due to your messaging tone and you not fixing a bug you said you would.

In short, all of your stress with this order is coming from you. Sorry if that sounds critical, however, YOU are the one charging $30 here. You are also the one saying you will fix a bug FOC, rather than charge to cover the cost.

Overall, you are coming across as someone who has spent years working on Fiverr who is drained by the whole experience. However, this seems to be just your second order. In this case, you really need to take a step back and reassess everything from your communication to your gig pricing.

I’d say use the opportunity you have now to try and repair your relationship with this buyer. Fix what needs fixing and throw in something free or extra to say sorry for the communication breakdown.


Well, first When I read your topic then I thought that “oh hell, again one of those buyers”. But after that I checked your screenshots and to be honest your approach was far from ideal. Your answers are quite rude even on a basic questions before he threatened to place an order to give another review.
That’s not really how you handle those situations. It doesn’t mean you need to be “used” and overwork, you just need to stay professional with all your communications. He started threatening you because you didn’t take professional approach. You don’t need to even tell him that you’ll work for free only in your free time, all you had to do is to tell him that all extra work will cost extra and that you’ll send him a custom offer for that extra work. That’s it.


I’m glad you shared that. It’s your communication. You really need to learn better customer service, meaning better communication.

It’s at least half the job, to communicate always in a pleasant professional way no matter what they say.


I agree with this. Terrible customer care!

@michal247, I would suggest you get yourself a copy of “The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service”, by Chris Fox – it’s an easy book to read. And, by the way, full of examples.

Not that the author discovered the Holy Grail or is sharing a secret unknown to everyone, no. What you will read is pure common sense. But if I had told you, you wouldn’t have taken my advice, while if you read it not only from a published author, but from the former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort, then you might give it a thought.


Hmm maybe you guys are right I went too hard on him. I was patient but the moment he messaged me "You do this or Im gonna place order with bad feedback’ I just didn’t take that well.

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It sounds like he got mad when you said “when I have time I will do it” which is of course not going to make anyone happy to hear. The entire thing was led to an argument when it didn’t need to be.


Well when I see our conversation after I don’t know what I was thinking, like it was just only small change that would take me only few minutes maybe. Good lesson for me to take.

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You’re lucky the buyer didn’t report you. If s/he had, you would have gotten a warning from CS.


I see you offer revisions. You are required to do these even after the order is complete. He could have gotten a refund from customer support based on you not doing it. The order does not stop once it’s complete. You are supposed to be responsive and polite and helpful even afterwards.


That was custom offer without revisions actually. Anyway I said sorry to him and offered extra service for free.


Right absolutely right. We should follow profession rules.

I’m sorry, but I’m appalled at how you spoke to this customer. If you you’re that unhappy with the price you’re working for, you shouldn’t be accepting gigs for that price. Especially if it makes you act irrationally towards customers about the situation. Never once should that have come up. A customer asked for a positive review. You kept putting it off. That’s number one. It’s customer service. The customer shouldn’t have to ask for something as simple as a closing review more than once. They shouldn’t even have to ask once, but the fact that your answer was to the tone of I’m busy and will do it later. I don’t work for you. Our gig is up. That’s completely inappropriate in my opinion and frankly, very unprofessional. Your whole demeanor of how you spoke to him was very unprofessional and off-putting for a buyer. It was very clear from reading your responses that you were unhappy with working for $30. The wonderful thing about Fiverr and freelancing in general is that we set out own prices. There should never be a situation where you’re doing work for such a low price that you’re uncomfortable with it and getting irritated with buyer over it.


I don’t see the buyer ask for a positive review. If they had that would be review manipulation. If it had been the other way around and the seller had been asking/pressurising the buyer to leave a review, the seller could have got a warning from Fiverr. Isn’t it totally up to the buyers and sellers whether they leave reviews / shouldn’t it be? Also the initial reviews are supposed to be blind reviews - but the buyer has shown his exact review in the message system (probably to help get a good review from the seller) when the buyer shouldn’t have really. One side shouldn’t be pressuring the other site about reviews eg. in ways that could be review manipulation.