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Guys ! Any plan for the Valentine!

Some people don’t beleive in the Valentine , but I think it’s a great day …
But I think men hate it ! Because they have to plan a romantic date and to get flowers …

Yes or no

Valentine’s Day is an entirely commercial “holiday”. It was successfully promoted as a day of love by the cards/flowers industry. Love and romance, however, should not be confined to one commercial holiday, but rather, be something enjoyed, appreciated and pursued every day of the year.

I’m going to celebrate by looking for multiple accounts on Fiverr. Love is in the air!

Lol Busted!

“She” made it too easy. Sigh… :frowning:

Both accounts with same name and picture with only a number added— where’s the challenge?

Was there any spam linkage? I’m just seeing a bunch of weird questions (my favorite one is the travel one, where you can only travel to Singapore or Malaysia to pick one as #1).

Two accounts with same name and photo, only two similar countries to choose from, it’s a pattern.

She or he posted ads in the wrong categories on both accounts. I don’t even think they were an hour apart! The spam ones were removed or edited. This one was too tempting:

again v-day :o

oh today is the v-day. I have totally forgotten this.Let me check…oh there is no special today. same as other day…v-day friends are busy somewhere not heard from since morning. good…now movie time…