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Guys, do you think that fiverr should require a copy of id card or birth certificate for signup?


I commented it somewhere but leave it,i was thinking that this will reduce the huge number of scams around here what do you think??? and sorry for the category i didn’t knew where to post this so please move it yourself thank you…


Reply to @kjblynx: I think your idea of a badge is a great idea because I think that if Fiverr required people to have ID and whatnot in order to sign up, than not very many people would sign up, but with the option of authenticating, people could use the site for a while, and once they saw that Fiverr was a legit way to make money, they would probably be more comfortable giving out that information–or at least I would. And that type of badge would also help buyers! Good idea!


hmmmm, I have mixed thoughts about this.

I’ve owned several businesses over 50 years and the last thing I want is for my buyers to have to meet some form of identification or qualify on some level to buy from me. Their cash, valid credit card or pre-approved in-house account is good enough. IMO a customer doesn’t have to do anything.

Now for sellers, I swing in the other direction and think there should be some sort of qualifying or vetting process such as satisfactorily demonstrating they already have some type of business or service, education or skill in motion. Backed up by an existing web site, a history of previously satisfied customers, a certificate of training or education, or on the job experience, as well as to demonstrate they have the tools and environment to produce a high quality of work.

Let the responses fly! :slight_smile:


Giving out personal information would be something that worries me. Things like electricity bills and official identification details are highly confidential and may discourage genuine sellers and buyers too.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how fiverr could cater to the needs of different people across the world with different documents.


when i posted this idea i wasn’t just expecting everyone to agree or disagree i expected that we will find something more easy, we know the fact that most of the buyers just signup to buy some stuff and then hardly use their account so that will make the system much more complex for them and some of them might not even signup but on the other side of seller’s as said by voiceoverwork and kjblynx the idea of badge should be supported then it’ll make it more easy for buyers to find legit sellers and more buyers will head toward fiverr and that’s what we all want…


Reply to @jasveena: you don’t have to worry about this if fiverr applied this your personal info will not be shown anywhere they’ll just give you a badge which will mean that you are verified and that will attract more buyers to your gig which is a plus point.