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Guys, Fiverr needs our help!


As you may already know, Fiverr is nominated for the People’s Choice Awards, Europas. Having passed 500+ sites Fiverr is now in the 10th place with 1888 likes. yes, ONLY 1888 likes :open_mouth: The first place has got 7348 likes as of now. I know we can pass that number easily if we act altogether.

So people, this is the best time to show our gratitude by voting. Just take 30 seconds of your time and vote for Fiverr!!! You can go to Fiverr’s voting page from this link -->

Go Fiverr!!!


Just did my part. I’ve never heard of any of the other startups, so I don’t really have the grounds to say this, but Fiverr deserves to win!


Isn’t there a gig we can each buy a unit of … I will vote for you in a contest with facebook or something like that?


And um, hopefully a whole LOT more votes than one :slight_smile: But…uh, yeah.


Reply to @anarchofighter: there is. I sell FB likes but I am doubtful as all likes will be fake. It can cause the fiverr out of competition. Otherwise I can give 50k+ votes


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: Yes you are right sir. Fake votes will definitely cause Fiverr out of competition. All I’m saying is, why are we even talking about ‘fake votes’. There are 50k + users (not the buyers but sellers) on Fiverr and as sellers they surely must log in each and everyday right? So why can’t they do this simple thing??? It’ll only take about 10 seconds of their time. As 'alexgreene said, I also have never head of other sites so Fiverr do deserves the FIRST place.