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Guys! How do I send a request?

Hello good people! I am new on Fiverr and I am just wondering how can I find my first client?
I do not understand where to do this request everyone is talking about. Thank you in advance for your help.


Buyers post requests, you send offers to their requests. You can send offers in both your mobile and PC too. If you’re using PC, you can find buyer requests when click on the “More” at the homepage of your fiverr dashboard. From the drop down under “More” you will find “Buyer requests” click on that and you can find requests posted waiting for offers to be sent. If there none available at that time, then there will be later.

In fiverr mobile app you can find the buyer request under the “account” tab the you’ll find the buyer request there.


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@anaushakova, Welcome to the Fiverr community. Thanks

Hi! It is empty. So does it mean I cannot search myself for clients on Fiverr? I should wait until they find me (if they do)? Thanks in advance

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You don’t search by yourself, they don’t search for you in the buyers requests section and you can’t see buyer requests whenever you check. It appears when it’s approved by fiverr for sellers to bid. You have to refresh the buyer requests page every now and then. You will find requests appeared when it’s made available to sellers on your category and sub-category. That’s when you read the request and respond with your offer and if you’re chosen, the buyer will contact you and may lead to placing an order.
Good luck.