Guys, I am in tears, TRS?


This is my first time starting a convo on the forum. I just wanted to share my happiness. I woke up this morning to a message from my Fiverr success manager saying congrats, I was wondering what for and I looked at a screenshot that she attached. I almost had an heart attack, I was so shocked and overwhelmed. Thank you fiverr, for helping me on a journey to better my life. Being patient always wins.


Congrats Mon!


Was that a top rated seller mail?


Amazing! This calls for a :champagne: celebration, I’m so happy for you Lastay! :tada:

You’re going to get hit with Ahem “can you teach me your secrets & tricks” from other aspiring TRS folks. :smile:


Awesome! You deserve it! :sunglasses:



Lol, thank you! I really appreciate the love.


Congratulations, that’s awesome!


Thank you so much. It’s been a blessing.


Thank you, you are one of my inspirations.


To anyone I can’t reply to personally, thank you very much for the love, this has made my day even better!


Congratulations! Sellers who moan about not getting orders due to their location must read this thread.


Lol, thank you, as long as you provide great customer service, do your best, as well as promote, and build long-term relationships you will get sales no matter your location.



Glad to hear that. Wish you best of luck for your future!
pray for us as well.


Fiverr motivates the seller to move on :slight_smile:




Congratulations Lastay, well deserved!!


Way to go! Congrats! I am glad that program paid off for you!



The moment for which every seller waits.
Congratulations and may you succeed even more.