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Guys I had a question regarding to an order?


Hey guys I had an order from my client and it was a data entry task then lately I got sick and can’t do any jobs in my laptop so I need to rest then I forgot to do the task from my client and it was very late.

My question here is the order of the client was 4 days ago and am a bit confused if I will still do task or not, if I do the task and submit it can the client cancel the order even I submit my work even it is very late? The job is still running and it was 4 days ago. I need help please.


Contact your client and explain what happened. If the client is receptive, they would consent to a time extension. If they are not they wold simply cancel the order. Best thing I can think of is communicating with the client not only because of this gig but to maintain good relations.

Hope this helps.


When I face this type of problem I simply contact my buyers and tell them what happened. Then they take the decision if they will continue work with me or cancel the order. It is best to keep them polite and maintain good customer support. Thank you


Yes I am trying to have a good relation with the client but am still waiting for the respond am contacting him and I he is still not responding it’s been almost 6 days.


Thank you @simsonbaroi I am still contacting my client but still waiting for the respond its been almost 6 days and he’s still not responding.


Guys thank you for the respond :slight_smile:


You are in a double hacked situation here. If you talk with the customer and lets say if he says No. You need to cancel the order. Effects your cancellation rate. ON the other hand if you go on complete the order, send it and then explain your situation.

May be by seeing it he can adjust with it, since its already 6 days. May be he is busy with other stuff as well. anything is a possibility. Yes it will effect somewhere on your delivery time, but at least its better than having a canceled order. Rest you are the man of your GIG.


If I do the task do I still get paid or get cancel even I get the task done in very late situation? The client is still not responding in my message.


You will get paid for sure if the client accepts it. Again it depends on him when he accepts that. If you deliver it and he still don’t respond, the order will automatically gets cleared.Again I told you its better to be in a 50-50 situation rather than loose the order completely.


Hey guys good news I just got accepted even the job was very late and still got a good rating from overall 5/5 stars. Again thank you for the response guys and for helping me :grin:


Glad to know its all set now.
Happy Fivering :+1: