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Guys, I need a little information

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well.

Recently I edited my Best Selling GIG. So now I seem to have issues with the gig to see on the search result.
So, can you guys do me a little favor? Simply search on fiverr with “Landing page” tag, landing

And let me know if you see this gig
If you can find this gig, please let me know the position of this gig, I mean where do you see it, in which page and which row.

It is on the first page one row up from the bottom.


You do know that the search results are likely to be different for most searchers, right? :slight_smile:

@lloydsolutions saw it on the first page one row up from the bottom, I see it on the last row second column


Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate it.


I know that. And that’s the reason I posted on the forum to get an approximate idea, you know.

But thank you for your comment anyway.

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