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Guys, I need some critiques and comments about my profile


:loudspeaker: Hey everybody! If you have an extra 2 minutes, please, take a glance on my profile and tell me how it looks like. If there’s anything to improve let me know. Thanks in advance and wishing you all a productive day! :blush::heart:

Here is a link:


Hi Marie,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! :slight_smile:

I had a look at your profile, and it looks good, in my opinion. My only suggestion would be to make better use of the FAQ section. I’m sure your prospective buyers might have more than just 1 question in mind. Try to figure out what those questions might be and include them in your FAQ section.

You could also add more information/details to your gig description… Why should the buyer hire you instead of the other sellers out there? Do you have prior experience? Try to make it more convincing. :slight_smile:

Happy selling!

Good luck :snowflake:


Hey Marie!

Same, your profile looks nice to me (though in case you “only” offer the resume gig, I’d put something about that in there too; if you plan on offering other gigs that have to do with graphics, not) and I agree that a bit more info might help, your gig description is pretty short.

One tiny thing - there’s a typo in one of your tags, which might seem not really important but as you’re offering CVs, if people scroll to read the FAQ, it’s right below and might catch their eye and keep them from buying, so better fix that. :slight_smile:

(I see a potential issue with using the word “design”. Using templates is no issue in itself, of course, if they are free to use or you have a license but you might get issues with customers who expect that you actually design/ed the templates you use yourself vs you creatively arranging the CV to match the templates so I’d maybe word that differently.
If you actually use your own designs, “design” is great to use, of course, then ignore the above but then you should put samples of your own designs up as gig images instead of the current ones and use that as a USP in your gig description.)

Good luck and much success and welcome to the forum!


I appreciate the information and advice you have shared, your comment is really helpful to me.
My thanks and appreciation :pray::heart:


My profile is very young (only 4-5 days old xD) that’s why it looks little bit poor, but I’m working on it :blush: I am very grateful and appreciate your help and advices :heart: Have a good day! :sunny: