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Guys I think Im being scammed what do I do?

So I bought this gig stating that it could get me 1000 followers on facebook. As Im new to buying gigs on fiverr I was unaware that profiles on this website are not vented and that people get robbed on this site. Now I was speaking to a friend of mine about the gig I purchased and he told me he was also conned by a same sort of ad. I started to get worried so I contacted another person on the platform that did the same sort of social marketing she seemed okay with many good reviews only to realize while I was messaging her she responded to me with the exact same wording as the guy busy with my order. My friend said he was promised 200 followers given the 200 followers and in the next 24 hours they where gone. Now I don’t want to fall victim to this please guys I feel like Im gonna be scammed and I don’t want to be apart of this. All I ask is that you return the money back i will use it to purchase another gig but Im not gonna let these fraudsters take advantage of me. What can I do about this who can help me I still have 1 day and 9 hours till it ends.

Contact CS and cancel the order.

you are not new to the world use your own common sense. How in the world some body will give you follower??


When a snake oil salesman promises you the elixir of life, chances are it’s a scam. This seller promised you 1000 followers on Facebook, chances are they are all bots. There is no way a person can guarantee this unless they control each and every account.

Don’t approve the order if you feel you been scammed. Open a dispute with CS and explain to them your situation. Tell them you want a refund due to their false claims.

And please in the future use better judgement.


It’s against Facebook’s Terms of Service to buy or sell followers, so Fiverr doesn’t allow that service, either. Fiverr has been removing gigs offering followers, subscribers, likes, and so on, but they haven’t caught everyone selling it yet.

If someone offers a forbidden service, the chances are, they’re either ignorant or dishonest.


You need to contact support for that, they don’t read the forum, links to the support ticket system are on the main site, or you can use (ticket system is supposed to be faster though). Report both usernames and add screenshots showing that exact same wording.

And then buy a legit SEO service with your refund, not something that’s not allowed - and also might get your fb account banned. Fiverr only vets ‘pro sellers’ who have high prices, but there are many between ‘pro’ and scammer or not legit, you just need to do your vetting yourself, reading the ToS and not hiring someone who breaks them is a good first step.


Genuine question because the buyer does feel as if he’s being scammed - if it’s up for sale on Fiverr, how is the buyer to know it’s a service that’s not actually allowed by Fiverr or Facebook? Nobody should have to go trawling through ToS for both sites to find out (okay - I know we should all read them but…:slightly_smiling_face:)

Buyers come here looking for services, possibly with little experience of buying any similar type of service before - they’re expecting that what’s on offer is genuine, and they shouldn’t have to do the detective work before they buy, or expect the worst if they don’t purchase from a Pro seller.

Okay, the buyer can cancel and get a refund, but they’ll still lose the service fee and have to pay it again if they decided to hire somebody else. In reality they’re going to take what money they have left in their accounts and never buy again. Fiverr, and all its sellers, lose a potential client forever.

Added - slightly different but with a similar point:

Back to the OP’s question:
There’s got to be a better way around this than ‘buyer beware’? If it’s actually against Fiverr’s ToS, why is the gig allowed on the site in the first place?

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Well, I understand where you’re coming from but I also think that the idea of buying followers, reviews, etc., should lead one to the idea ‘hm, wonder if that’s legit’ and to doing a bit of research.

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