Guys i want my first order


please help me to get my first order on fiverr,all i need is your good feedback

my gig links


We are not going to make you successful. And none of us are going to give you ratings to help you get started. Focus on presentation. Find someone who speaks strong English and have them proofread your gigs. Promote your gigs (something you should be doing everyday). And don’t expect free success. Success requires hard work. If you’re not going to treat your gigs like an international business, then they aren’t likely to bring you any sales in return.


This is your second post on the same topic and you cannot get reviews on gigs you don’t sell. Fiverr doesn’t have coupon codes or ways to go lower than $5. Refunds are for unhappy buyers, not free reviews, so that won’t work either.

Please stop making duplicate posts on the same topic. Your other post on this will be closed.