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Guys, I want to know why you worked online?

It got me thinking, because most sellers here are from first world countries and shouldn’t first world countries have fine economies?

For me, I worked online because I want to help my family earn additional income for our daily expenses. My mom is sick and my dad is near retirement so I wanted to help them.

How about you guys?

I’m coming from an European third world country(Republic of Moldova) and here the average income is really low. Just to make a comparison: in a week on fiverr I can make the same as people make in a month.
Though I started working online because I travel a lot and can’t work anywhere with a fixed schedule.

Hello, our economy in the U.S. is very different in different parts of the country. Some places have a high unemployment rate and people cannot find jobs. There are many very poor people in some places here.

I have something that I do which I have dedicated my life to which is so unusual that I will not be able to get any job doing it, which is casting spells. People like to work on the internet instead of in a job for the convenience of working at home, and the chance to be our own boss, so it is not simply a matter of not being able to find a job that brings us here. We like it here.

No matter what part of the world you’re from, why wouldn’t you want to be your own boss? It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that your future is dictated by your hands, and not by a corporation. If have the skills and a dream, people should go for it. Being content is not a way to live.

Well said, @misscrystal and @tenthtiermedia. I agree with both of you, and share your commentary completely.

I work online because i can, and because working online allows me to be my own boss. In fact, Fiverr is only a percentage of my overall online work. I have many projects online, all of which contribute to my overall success. My personality and preferences are perfectly aligned with being a self-starter (or, an entrepreneur, as I have been for over 15 years).

Opportunities are everywhere. All it takes is a creative perspective to pursue those opportunities that work for you, that match your skill set, and that capture your attention. To be successful with these opportunities, work hard, be diligent, and find ways to turn those opportunities into work that can earn you an honest living.

I’m from India but I’m in a fortunate position not to have to work for a living because of various reasons. So I am on Fiverr to spend my time productively. If not for Fiverr, I would probably be reading books on my Kindle, trolling people on Twitter or watching TV. In fact, that’s what most of my relatives and neighbors think I do anyway :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, my relatives and neighbors think I do a lot worse than that…I don’t even want to imagine what they think I do with my time…LOL…basically only Fiverr and the good people of Fiverr forum know that I am on Fiverr and am a “freelance writer” :slight_smile:

No matter what you do, negative people will still find a way to think negatively about you. But I see you don´t give a shit and that´s a good thing.

LOL…why would I care? I am more worried about whether Leicester City will win the English Premier League or what will happen to Ted Cruz’s campaign than about what people think/say/feel about me, especially my relatives :slight_smile: I go for months, even years without talking to any of them, so it doesn’t matter.

LOL :smiley: