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Guys lets share the Photos of your Workplace


Guys lets share the Photos of your Workplace, Where you do Freelancing…it will be fun… My one below


That´s a dream workplace you got there. Mine is somewhere in there… :slight_smile:

May 1st Poll - Where you work


My work space is confidential. I am not allowed to share photos.

It has secret agents working in it. And Minions. Okay, mostly Minions. :wink:


@zmari_chamba So, you always put your laptop on your lap? Must be tiring for your back.


I have a simple no frills workplace, have shared the pictures before, so won’t attach them again. Check Miila’s thread.


How can you do graphics work here? @zmari_chamba


I always do work while lying down on my bed ,I get up to work when I get a challenging project.


Hi , I saw your work please but it is the place whare really you work there
Unbelievable But really well .I wish your success on Fiverr


Please respect our no photo policy :slight_smile:


haha Sometime i just lay on the floor and when the work is intresting then use this and swing… :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s right, some privacy and confidential.


Laptop On Lap… Headphone on Head…and Swing + Enjoy the weather


Yup its a kind of office type there are other guys too but this is mine… :slight_smile:


Respected… .:slight_smile: :heart:


But, graphic designing requires a stationary place to work on.Well it’s my opinion!


it Requires for you… But for me i love to work like this… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you don’t mind may I ask you if you are “He” or “She”?
Actually my name is Aman so I’m curious about personality of your name :slight_smile:


He is He…:walking:


I won’t prefer to work like that but I’d definitely like to chat sitting there. :grinning: