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Guys Please help?


Currently I have 98% positive rating but for some reason my (I will speed up your WordPress website 400x faster for $5) gig page is showing 97% positive rating.

This is my gig page with the bug -

Make Sure to compare this page with my other gigs. Rating is so important for sellers, This is an major bug in Fiverr website.


Please check the screenshot:


Wow, So unprofessional reply from support:


Any help guys??


Hi wpfalcon. Those screen shots look like they are 2 different gigs? I think you have one overall percentage and then individual percentages per gig. I’ve never been great at precisely calculating since every new completion can change it and I’m definitely not a math prodigy. It looks like it could be correct depending on how you are arriving at your conclusion.


Reply to @fonthaunt: My overall rating is 98% but why my (speed up your wordpress website) gig is showing - 97% I mean all gigs are showing 98% & only 1 gig is showing 97%, How it’s even possible??

I don’t get it, Please explain!


My fault - @fonthaunt You’re right, My one gig is showing overall percentage and then individual percentages per gig. I think I need a break. :wink:

Thanks fonthaunt, You’re the best :slight_smile:


Reply to @wpfalcon: I totally understand! I just finished a super long gig and I’m beat too! You should take a well-deserved rest and come back with fresh eyes and mind. :slight_smile:

Ratings are tough for me to fully grasp even on a good day and the ARS is the most annoying thing about Fiverr to me. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve also seen people say that non-mutual cancellations can affect your rating in some way. I hope that’s not true, personally! The good news is you still have a great rating. Every positive rating will pull you back up even higher. You’ll be fine! You are welcome even though I don’t think I helped all that much. Hang in there!