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Guys Pls.. Help Gig odered by buyer but not content/infomation to work with


A buyer placed a ordered a gig and didn’t give me any thing to work with. I have sent messages and I haven’t gotten any response . plus he ordered and extra gig to have it done in a day and its past 24hrs so i am late on the delivery.

Is there some thing i can do because i believe late deliveries will mess up ma stats.



Please contact Customer Support for this with the unique Order Number. They’ll sort the things for you :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


If all else fails, please feel free to attempt to contact them again explaining the late due to not having information from them. this way when you contact customer support (if you need to) you will have proof you requested it.


just deliver him something and tell him to contact you for further clarification. i have encountered such buyers before.