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Guys Still struggling to get orders

Guys, I have 3+years of experience in Digital marketers and SEO Specialists. But I am still struggling to get my first order do you have any tips for me?


I’m confused. You state that you have more than three years working as a marketer and SEO specialist, but you don’t know how to promote yourself and your services to get sales? I wonder if, perhaps, you were to use the skills you are seeking to sell, if maybe that would help you connect to your target customers and earn your first sale?


As you stated you are a SEO specialist, you should know more how to promote your Gigs than us. You are a specialist, aren’t you?


My suggest is you have to must online every time

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  1. Everyday send 10 buyer request
  2. Try to stay online almost 16-20 hours a day.
  3. Spend time in forum.
  4. Optimize your gigs tags.

I hope it will work.


Such a great tips, thank you so much for it.

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Being online all the time does not impact sales. Why would Fiverr operate that way? Stop perpetuating myths, please and only give advice if you have a history that supports your claim ie sales.


It actually works to my benefit that the vast majority of SEO and digital marketing sellers actually don’t understand how these things help drive business results and how that happens, which is evident by their forum and social media posts.

Seriously, it has really helped me stand out on Fiverr. I wouldn’t hire an accountant who doesn’t understand math.


Thanks for reply @humanissocial but even you have left us in middle of sea. No clear tip how to improve gigs and get orders. For me @sadman_saumik has shared actionable tips rather than just philosophical answer. Thanks

If someone checks “Online sellers” and you are active in that exact time and the customer chooses you there then being online directly affected your sales. Am I right? :grin:

It’s very easy to give “actionable tips” if they don’t need to work. I can give you an infinity of those:

1 - Always wear only one shoe while delivering a gig. This is proved to boost acceptance stats.
2 - Talk with all your clients only between the magic hours of 00:00 and 00:05.
3 - Place in a buyer request for sellers to place buyer requests so you can apply to those buyer requests, completing your quest for the buyer request.

But if you want something to work, it’s not so simple. It’s not a bunch of tricks. It’s providing a good service, in a good niche, with good demand and good differentiation. Is that actionable enough?


You missed my entire point: you won’t be present in that search query if there are thousands of people competing for it.

Can you fit 10 bars of soap into a box made for 5 bars? No.

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“When everybody is online all the time… nobody is.” cue in dramatic music


I have left many, many tips on this forum on that already. You wouldn’t be “out to sea” if you’d bothered to research the forum to see them.

I learned how these things work because I researched the web and you can, too.

I call out myths because their perpetuation is harmful.

If you want to learn, take initiative and learn. Don’t expect people to hand feed you information. Even when I have hand fed info in the forum, people don’t read it.

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Thank you. I’d love it if people in the forum stopped asking what tasks they can complete to “rank”/get orders as if people buy from you because you completed tasks. No, they buy from you because you sell what they actually want.

People should learn how business and marketplaces work instead of trying to find magic shortcuts.

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If he is on the 6th-page let us say for normal search checking “online sellers” while he is active might just be enough to push him to 1st and thus increase drastically chances of him having orders.
Of course, that is just my opinion but I just don’t see how being online doesn’t impact your sales at all as you said. I can see it impacting them at least 1%. That is how I got my first order.
The customer explicitly said that he was in a rush and He saw that I am active and offered to pay more to get it done Asap. It didn’t only generate me a sale but also a nice bonus. :grin:

That only works if you are actually visible and you probably can’t be if there are like 10,000 competitors trying to do the same thing at the same time.

And getting one sale that way doesn’t mean it is sustainable. Chance plays a huge role and chance is no way to run a business.

Technically being online all the time can make you get that extra order now and then. But it won’t take you to the point of when that extra order now and then doesn’t matter. And that should be the goal.

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Yes and it is a poor investment of time to be online all the time just for the odd sale. You don’t recoup the cost of that wasted time.

There you are right. In the big picture, it is a lot better refining both your craft and marketing/communicative skills. I was just referring to OP that wanted to get the order and You saying that being online won’t get him the order.
Sorry for the misunderstanding! :grin: