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Guys, this is what i did use twitter to promote my gig :)), it really work well. ~500 view each day

I’ve use twitter to promote my gig, and this is what i got after few day, a mega boost of view in my gig (+400 view ) each day. Now i’ve done it to all my gig and got mega view too, thank twitter m/

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Looks great, can you share with us how you did it ?

Views are great, but did you see sales go up to.

That’s awesome. Do you have a well established twitter account? (many followers)

Congrats! Did you see an increase in sales as well?

Super. How you did that ?

Amazing results. I think you have a lot of twitter followers or did you use other techiniques like using HashTags to promote your gigs on twitter?

Has the number of clicks increased? Based on what was explained by one seller on forum, Impressions means nothing to sales. He explained that the number of clicks is what matters most…Well, i don’t know about the number of views side…