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Guys! What could be wrong?

Hi Guys, I am from Nigeria and I am new to fiverr. I have not entered my bank details yet because i wanted to wait until i perform a job. But surprisingly i havent received an order yet. So I want to ask ‘what could be the problem?’. Could it be my Nationality or my failure to include my bank details… Please does the fact that I am Nigerian matter on fiverr because I’m curious… Please drop your views good people.

WHAT? Your nationality has absolutely nothing to do with your lack of success. It doesn’t matter if you’re African, Caucasian, Asian, or etc. Your success is dictated by your determination. Orders do not fall onto your lap, and don’t expect it to happen. You have to create your opportunity here.

Have you done anything to market yourself? Do you have a professional presentation of your services, such as a gig video? Are you presenting a unique services rather than what 1000’s of others are already offering? There are so many factors that play a part in success here. Being Nigerian is definitely not one of them.

Thank you for your time

Are you promoting your gigs? Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your new business. If you need help I have some gigs that will help promoting your gig offers.

Your gigs look good (but I am not a gig expert). I saw you just signed up this month, so be patient. If you don´t get many orders yet, it has got nothing to do with where you are from. Maybe you just need to promote your gigs more. Good luck.

great response from (tenthtiermedia Your success is dictated by your determination