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Hacked off-I can't make changes to "denied" gig

Apparently it is something to do with the video…that’s as close as I can get to figuring out why I would get called out on violation of terms, etc. This is my most popular and best selling gig by the way of all things!!

OK…Thought about it for awhile and decided to delete the video from my You tube channel thinking that could be seen as a third-party violation. Now I’m trying to delete the video from my gig but I’m blocked from doing so…What in the you know what is this all about anyway??

Has anyone else encountered this kind of issue? It’s not too big a deal to delete my video, I’m sure I rambled a little more than I should have…Shouldn’t I be the one to be able to do this?

So you can see I’m hacked off about this!

No, i have never encountered such.

Go directly to Customer Support.

Went back again a moment ago to see if there was anything I missed…nope, not as such. That whole arbitrary reprimand like that really irked me since this is my best gig…not one that I just threw up yesterday without really thinking.

Guess I’m gonna have to do what you advise spokesman_mark! It’s not a big deal to delete the video…I just do not want to delete my best selling gig!