Well, see title above :frowning: I can’t even access my account now. Will I get to keep my funds or are they forever gone?


Reply to @kjblynx: Seriously! He’s probably so frustrated right now… and now I think his account has been disabled.


Somehow I do not think all the facts to this issue have been provided by the user.


kjblynx - Do I sense some kind of hostility from you or am I just imagining this? Please do let me know.

I've most likely been hacked as even customer support replies to my ticket, stating they've restricted my account due to hacking. Not even did they hack my account, they also withdrew funds from it even though I contacted CS only eight minutes after the occurance.

kjblynx - I've been working in this field for ten years and I always make sure not to have anything on my computer. This DID happen on Fiverr and it could happen to any seller. I thought Fiverr was a hundred per cent safe before this happened to me.

And I have no idea how I could post that one post on the forums - I came back two hours later and I couldnt (hence this reply being posted so late). One of the many, many many bugs on this website.

My PW was phished on Fiverr and my account was subsequently hacked and all funds withdrawn. For craigscott who doubts all facts to this issue has been provided; what do you want to know? Do you want me to submit a novel? I got an inbox message from a buyer asking me to do a flyer for him and his message contained a link which I so stupidly clicked on (yes, I was tired, I had been working on my Fiverr orders for thirteen hour that day, I clicked on it, shoot me?) and I was immediately logged out of my account. See attached file.

To kjblynx who feels I seem to have every issue - does that really surprise you that I run into issues having completed over 300 orders within a month - that's more than most fiverrs get YEAR. I've 97% positive rating and return customers who've placed fifteen orders (I stress once again I've been a member for a month only). I can imagine people don't fancy the competition.

I truly and genuinely saw a future for myself here on Fiverr. Now this is becoming more and more dubious as CS in an idle manner ignores my attemps of communication (I've submitted a support ticket but I've received no reply).

I'm sorry I am sensing this hostility from some of you, almost as if you mean it's my own fault I got hacked. I posted on here to get advice from fellow members that've more experience with Fiverr than me seeing as I'm new, I didn't post here to hear some conspiration theories. Maybe Fiverr just isn't the right forum for me.

Also why am I not getting any results on google when I search for "fiverr phishing" and the like? Have the staff censored these so that poeple will believe that fiverr is safe (cause it's obviously not)?


well one thing I disagree with is that it could happen to anyone ( most users are aware of these fishing schemes and if you click a link and you look like your logged out most know to close the window immediately and not type in personal info.

I am only stating this because you said that you thought this site was safe until it happened to you well it is safe you just have to be aware of the users and that is the same for any site no matter how good security is.

( if you searched the forum you would find 100s of these threads)


Hi Print_It

I imagine the link you clicked didn’t actually sign you out. Instead, it redirected you to a page which had be created to look like Fiverr’s login. In your tired state, you entered your confidential information and passed it unknowingly to a third party.

Anything I say now can not really help the situation, as it’s already happened, so I won’t get into that.

The only thing I will do, is point you to Fiverr’s terms of service, which states:

"You are responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. Fiverr will not be held responsible for any damages which might occur due to site usage, use of content or files transferred."

It sucks you got hacked, it truly does but when you inadvertently give your login details away, there is very little Fiverr can do with their current setup. they could bring further verification in place (such as Facebook’s mobile login code) but I personally find this more annoying than it is helpful.

Please think before you start blaming Fiverr directly for this issue. This did not happen because of Fiverr and the fact you accused them directly so readily may be what caused a few users to become offended or angry.

My advice?

  1. Work on getting your account restored. Showing ID to Fiverr Customer Support usually helps with this.

  2. Ask Fiverr if there is anyway they can chargeback they amount they sent out from your account (PayPal have fraud policies which may be able to catch this payment or atleast reimburse you). Fiverr should keep a log of IP addresses on Login, so does PayPal - if this data can be shared between the two, PayPal will see it was fraudulent.

  3. If you can’t get your money back, take it as a lesson. Be thankful it happened early on before you earned a lot more.

    FYI - “having completed over 300 orders within a month - that’s more than most fiverrs get YEAR. I’ve 97% positive rating and return customers who’ve placed fifteen orders (I stress once again I’ve been a member for a month only)” is quite offensive. Boasting you do better than most sellers in a year isn’t very friendly (when you’ve clearly posted here for advice) and it’s something that will probably deter most users from trying to help you.


I just got an inbox message a few minutes ago, someone is apparently trying to phish my password AGAIN, see the attached file if you don’t believe me and maybe that will change your mind. Feel free to try the URL out if you still don’t believe it’s an attempt of hacking a fiverr account.

I hope Fiverr will do something about their security and that they will do it SOON becaus I’m having a hard time believing I am the ONLY one receiving these messages. Oh an please note this message was sent through Fiverrs inbox messaging system, not my email account off-site.


Just a notice. this is not the original message that got me hacked (CS seems to have deleted the previous message from last week and the account it was sent from has been suspended it seems). This is YET another, new message I received just today.


Reply to @twistedweb123: Thank you for the only good piece of advice I’ve actually been given. This was the purpose of my post - to be given advice and guidelines, not to be bashed and accused of conducting business outside of Fiverr. I salute you. I will try to ask FIverr to chargeback the amount.

The reason I mentioned my rating and the number of sales is because it seems as if a few users meant I was a rotten egg doing fishy business and whatnot, the number of sales, my rating and response time tell the opposite.

Just a notice, I don’t really care if I deter most users from trying to help me, not anymore. I don’t care about anything anymore. I’ve lost a month’s pay by following the guidelines, being nice and helpful towards my buyers, offering freebies and extras, delivering orders in a professional manner within 24 hours - I’ve done everything I could to be the best seller and then I get $1080 stolen just like that. And on top of that people accuse me of breaking Fiverrrs TOU, conducting business outside of Fiverr. So, to be honest, I’m completely apathetic to what other users think of me because as of now, I’ve hit rock bottom and this incident has an extremely depressing influence in my life overall, not just on Fiverr.


To bring these user’s to Fiverr’s attention, the best thing to do is email customer support or report them from the inbox. If they are a scam, Fiverr will ban them. Fiverr has thousands of people signing up each day, so it’s understandable that they customer service team relies on our “heads up”.

However, that being said, I have received numerous emails from Fiverr team members directly to my Fiverr inbox - so it is hard to tell when something isn’t legitmate.

I think Fiverr should have a “staff list”, or special icons for official Fiverr accounts. So, if “Katie from Fiverr” (as an example), messages me on Fiverr, they should have a “staff” or “support” icon next to their username.

If that actual account of theirs is hacked, I don’t think we’d be held liable for damages in that case (in relation to trusting them and losing income).


Reply to @twistedweb123: It seems as if Fiverr doesn’t care about these hacking attemps. I emailed CS with a screencap of these suspicious links I’ve been sent asking them to investigate. It’s been nine days - and I’ve yet to recieve a reply!

Do they actually approve of phishing attemps or how come they haven’t replied, investigated the matter?


Let me preface this comment by saying I’m a computer specialist and practically live on the Internet. The day after I signed up on Fiverr I had hacking activity on my email account, PayPal account and Facebook - all of which were connected to Fiverr. I believe Fiverr may not even be aware that their system is being hacked. Their IT really needs to run a front to back scan of their system if for no other reason to be sure there aren’t backdoors. I don’t think this is happening solely through links on the message system between buyer and seller as I never clicked on any links.

I’m suspending my gigs until I can successfully transfer the funds I have earned thus far to PayPal. FYI - the Fiverr Corporate HQ address is the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC, and the International Headquarters is an address in Israel. Maybe this is why sellers are having trouble getting customer service assistance.

I wish everyone luck who has had strange activity on their accounts and theft since they began working on Fiverr. No one deserves to have this happen to them after working so hard.


Someone - who seems to have no gigs and no photo - just contacted me about doing a gig where I take a survey. I am supposed to click on the link provided which will lead me to a survey that I should take and then review it. This sounds very fishy to to and I’m going to turn him down. I’m very skeptical about links.



Reply to @gerberink: Hi and thank you so much for your response. How can a person spot these hacking activities? I know you said you did, but after all you’re a computer specialist, not all of us are :frowning: Any tips? Advice?

Why on earth is Fiverr Corporate HQ address is the Embassy of Israel?! What’s the connection?

I tried to look up the domain but it said the person who had it registered had hidden all details, maybe because they did not want to be contacted. Gerberink, maybe you could help, you seem to be computer savvy? I am still hoping to get my $1000 back and I wont give up. I just need some expertise help.