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Hacker Alert in fiverr


For last couple of days I am getting same kind of sms from some buyer, saying they like my gig, they want me to make a design for them, and attach a link . requesting to check it to get the idea what kind of design they are looking for, when i click on the link, it redirected to me fiverr login page. that was actually a Phishing link, if you log in on that page, normally those people get your email and password automatically! please beware of that . dont click or log in from this kind of link, if someone did already , i would suggest immediately change your password and report to the fiverr!

Lets keep the place clean and safe



I think it’s time I change my password


It happened to me as well few days ago.


Thanks for the heads-up Carolina, you need to blur the name though, so your helpful post will stay up, because forum rules.


The user seems to have disabled the account.


Or fiverr did, if several people reported them. Good either way. Let´s hope they won´t be able to make a new account too soon…


Thanks a ton dear <3


they are keep making new accounts, and new method to get peoples email and password! i have noticed them couple of time in past year, but these days seems, its a big circle of them and they are all connected! so just be careful everyone


Dear Carolina:

I changed “allert” to “alert” in the thread title.

Thanks for the heads-up,


Yes, I fear so. …


On the first glance it is obvious that the URL is malicious.
The domain name ends with , rather than with .com
It also starts with http rather than with https, what makes login in a big ‘no go’.

Whether it’s on Fiverr, in the e-mails or any other place online, read the frigging URL before visiting.


Great! I guess we all have to be extra cautious. Always read the URL. If unsure of the link, be sure to confirm if you are actually logged out by opening fiverr on another tab. Thieves ain’t smiling. We shouldn’t be either!


Thankyou for sharing this information and saving us from hackers .


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