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Hackers have free range to steal your stuff because of technicalities

Horrible customer service Fiverr, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Specifically customer service person ********. Hackers locked me out of my accounts, and instead of using common and looking at paypal statements to see that it was in fact me that paid for the stuff, “I can’t find your email.” Duh! What did I say? They changed it. Hello!! Unbelievable We have turned into a world that is fixated with technicalities to avoid actually stepping away from the computer BS working and treating customers as individuals. There is always those cases that are out the the norm that deserve more of an answer besides a flippant “multiple accounts mean deceit” Really? Ummmm Let’s see I spent over $900.00 in here. Where is the deceit? I am a busy person that just forgot that I had accounts. I do that all the time. No deceit. I have asked several times if I combine them and was told no. So where is the deceit? Would I have asked? And to add insult to injury their are double charges on my account each time I purchased something. Who is being deceitful? Meanwhile crooks are using my stuff probably and copyrighting it probably as their own. Look at the paypal and credit card statements people. That’s all I am asking. It’s simple.

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Are you sure that your account was hacked and not just disabled by fiverr for having multiple accounts?
Did you still have open orders and were waiting for work to be delivered?


How would you know an alleged hacker changed your email address, if you are locked out of your account? If you don’t have access to your account, how are you communicating with CS?

If you have more than one account, that breaks Fiverr’s #1 rule, and I can understand why Fiverr might view this as “deceit”. Regardless of your reasoning, you just cannot have more than one account. Fiverr does remove the accounts, and account access, of those who have more than one account. That’s how things work around here.

How do you know this? Do you have evidence that your “stuff” has been stolen, and is being used illegally by these alleged hackers? I know you are frustrated, but it isn’t a good idea to make claims of fraudulent behavior when you don’t have proof of illegal use.

None of us have the ability to do this, nor does Fiverr have the power or authority to access and view your Paypal account, or your credit card statements.