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Hackers making huge orders and canceling


Have already sent this in the Customer support. A buyer (or 3 in my case), ordered a big project – all my extras, etc. And then posting a bunch of weird links, and then canceled. Three different buyers, but all the same pattern. Though one of them may have been a genuine mistake.

Have you experience this? The first one happened 8/15/13 – there have been 2 more since.



Raised a ticket for this and this is what i got.

We are sorry but as my colleague Jay mentioned we are looking into making changes, but in the meantime all cancellations will be added in your cancellation ratio. Would you like us to cancel this order for you? Regards, Sheana


Reply to @bachas85: You could not be serious. They are asking if she wants to be penalized with an increased cancellation ratio. “Looking into” something is the vaguest of committments.


Reply to @bachas85: Hahaha…OK, I would agree that they are baby steps. :slight_smile:


Same thing just happened to me. $95 order. “Reply now. Reply now.” Within 5 minutes, cancels the order. The heck??


lol – the last one was for $95. I’m super tempted to decline the cancellation and take the money. heh. try and hack me…


Customer Service has been extremely prompt. The did cancel the order and are looking into it. Thanks Julia! You’re awesome.


Within one week, I got three huge “accident” orders from three different buyers who all happened to be new accounts from a small country. This was at the time when sellers were getting their levels taken away, so I “delivered” saying "I am not going to be penalized for your “mistake.” They haven’t logged on since, and that was like three months ago, and the balance has remained in my account


Reply to @alliemadison12: Oh wow… Were you not worried about them giving you a negative feedback as a result?


About a month ago i a woke to see i had two orders from the same person for $200. I knew it was to good to be true about 6 hr. Later they asked for their money back.