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Hackers Tricks?


Do hackers give you any sort of promotional codes to let you download the file needed? I find this weird as someone just said that he/she can’t upload PDF file but puts a promo code to download any books from Smashwords.


Contact customer support immediately. There is no reason a PDF cannot be uploaded. Scam scam scam! Good that you recognize one Jasveena. A first time buyer or seller might fall for this trick.


Reply to @cheezees: I kind of felt that this sounds funny


Reply to @bachas85: Thank you Barbara! I will never use such link. Instead I will say I can’t access the page. LOL


I checked and it appears that the person is for real. She says she is having difficulties uploading the book via uploader and apparently the file name is wrong


Reply to @bachas85: Thank you very much Barbara, I haven’t responded to her request yet and I will do as you suggest!