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Hackers Using Teamviewer

IF ANY BUYER ASKS YOU TO THAT HE WANTS TO SEND FILES THROUGH TEAMVIEWER, those are HACKERS, just report them to Fiverr. I recently had a similar incident just saved myself at the last minute after i figured something was wrong.


Thanks for helping by inform us. :heart:

She said she wanted to place an order of 1200$ and wants to sent files through Teamviewer because of privacy issues. Not knowing how Teamviewer works, i installed it just to recieve files, he connected and asked me to wait as there were some technocal issues. At that point i supected something wrong so just googled it and came to know that hackers use it to acces your PC and can access all your Data including Bank, Fiverr’s etc and withdraw all you money. So i immediatly dissconnected.If you came across someone using same trick, report it immediatly :slight_smile:


What is that? I mean “Team viewer”.

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Did you Download those files?

It’s a one kind of software where user can share their deivice screen and files etc.
I hope you understand.
Thanks :heart:

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Teamviewer is an app through which someone can accese your pc

Yes, thank you for your explanation.

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you are most welcome :innocent:

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Teamviewer is used for remote support/maintenance.

Never, under any circumstances, give someone your Teamviewer ID so they can “send you files”. There are plenty of legitimate ways to do that. While Teamviewer can be used for that, anyone that actually wants to give you files would just send them to you normally.

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I don’t like it.
This app can be good, but I don’t like the part when someone else can have access to my PC.

No she said there were some technical issues due to which files could not be sent, she just wanted to get some time so that she could get all my details, but i disconnected

Ohh…thanks for informing me about that.

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Thanks for the warning. And, in my experience, watch out if you receive documents with the file extension .js. Twice they tried to wreck my computer this way but Kaspersky stopped it.


You need to remove the name of the buyer as that is not allowed on the forum.

@ kinseygrey Thanks for sharing your experience.

Sorry i did not know, but i attached just to warn other sellers, cause she is hacker who tries to steal your hard earned monery not just a buyer

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: thanks

It was kind of you sharing your experience and the info. Thankyou
However, you may report her to the CS, but you must remove her name from the ss as its prohibited.