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Hackers want to hack my account

Today I got a spam message. When I click on the link it goes to fiverr login page.If I login with my username and password,Hackers get my password.D****. I know about this because my friend

[malicious link removed]

today i receive email that i withdraw my payment on papal
but i did not have any Paypal account.
i lost my all payment from fiverr’s HACKER’S
hacker’s did a good job

now help me what can i DO ???


Please do not post the hacker’s link to their fake login page!

@jowelr I realize this is an old post and you may not see this, but in case, unapproved external links are not allowed on the forum at all. On top of that you posted a dangerous link that could have caused other people to get hacked. You WILL be blocked from using the forum if you do anything like that again.

@mudasir84 Dangerous links are obviously a part of the internet. Always go directly to the Fiverr site yourself instead of clicking on other people’s links. You can contact Customer Support to see if they can help, but there is no guarantee you can get funds back once your account is hacked.

Exactly. … contact customer support … they are super fast in responding