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Hacking attacks

Guys just a couple of hours ago. I have sent an offer to a request and after a while, that buyer contacted me and just directly send me a .js file which is a javascript file and asking me for a quote. I have to read the details inside it. I tried to upon and windows started showing me warnings. Then when I run a virus scan on that file it was windows defender and it shows that its a malware designed to steal info

And when I came back to the inbox to report the seller his message was F***ING AUTOMATICALLY disappeared.

Whenever someones contact me even before replying I always check the account’s opening date and his buyer history. The account was about 2.5 months old and I was the first person he was asking for the order.

So beware of this and stay safe. Never try to open these kinds of files.


Thanks for your information.

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Omg :roll_eyes: Thank for the information

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