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Had 4 cancelled orders today

So, I had to cancel 4 order today, ONLY, just only, because buyers don’t read my gig description, or read and ignore this.

These wanted me to work orders which would cost over $100 for only $5.

And there are 2 more buyers who aren’t responding, this could total 6 cancelled orders in 2 days.

I’m still wondering why just the sellers must “pay the price” for unresponsive and careless buyers.

I’m risking to lose my level just because buyers fault and not mine. This is the only negative point i see to maintain a level.


If your gigs are clear and it was the buyers’ fault, why did you cancel yourself? There are enough posts by people who had gigs canceled by support without it affecting their order completion rate to be worth a try, you might have gotten lucky.

Good luck with those other two potential cancellations, hope those buyers will respond timely.


We know that fiverr is not that simple even when solution seems simple to contact support.

I’m usually advocating for many things and I don’t even mind them rotations gigs etc but cancellations are another topic that need to be clarified on their end.

They do fix it for some people but for majority they keep saying that it’s imposible. They fixed it once for me but for all other cancellations they were backing up on their decision and even after sending screenshots of their own employee they were saying that it’s impossible.

I tried to contact them few times for this kind of cancellations and answer was always the same.
On top of that some orders are one day-2 days delivery and fiverr not always able to respond in time so on top of that cancellation and “order completion” ration you also risking end up with lower “on time” delivery stats.

“Completion ratio” for sure sould be there taking into account how many sellers cancelling their orders just not to get bad reviews but current policy need to be changed for chargebacks and orders like this ones.

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This is why I raised my prices at the beginning of last year. You have been here over four years with over 7,000 reviews. If you raise your prices you will eliminate the kinds of cancellations you are describing. And I don’t mean raise them to just $10 either.


the problem is that 90% of the services I do are just $5. It worked fine for 4 years. Recently there was a “boom” of sellers who don’t read gigs descriptions.

I believe it’s just a coincidence but it’s frustrating


Yep. I raised my prices to $175, and I don’t plan on going back down. :wink:


I believe part of the problem is the ads that they place right in the middle of our gigs. A buyer thinks that we offer these extra services within the gig, not realizing that they are ads.

For example: I offer a 500 word short story about cats.
Beneath that gig are two ads. 1. I will promote your website. 2. I will make a video.

Great, the buyer thinks, I can get a cat story, my website promoted, and have a video done in the same order, not realizing that the other two headlines are just ads.

I wish Fiverr would fix this!


keep patience bro. You must succeed one day.

already have been a successful seller. the seller just shared a bad experience.


I know that the fiverr is more friendly for buyers, But I think you need manually accept orders after carefully reading the buyer’s statement

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I love this kind of random comments lol


I’m sorry you are having a bad experience, but I took a glance at your profile, and it seems that you deliver 10+ orders a day. I do not think that these 4 (or 6) cancellations will have a huge impact on your completion ratio. (I understand that if this kind of cancellations happen daily, but in this case, I don’t think you should worry much)

Good luck.


when a buyer order your gig, there is no way to manually accept it.


Thank you for your comment. But these are not the only orders I had to cancel. There are many others, but not 4-6 in a single day.

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Well, I agree with the rest of the people, that raising your prices will reduce (if not eliminate) these kinds of buyers, who purchase $5 gigs “by mistake” or without reading the gig’s description.

Let’s say you set your price at $30, the buyer then probably would read the description before spending that amount, rather than just blindly spend their money on the cheap $5 gig.

Good luck.

Since you have a great reputation here you can command those kinds of prices and people are happy to pay them. In fact it’s a selling point, one that sets you apart.


I already raised my prices a couple of months ago and it was a disaster.

The problem is that, in my opinion, only in creative categories, or unique gigs works on raising prices.

In my case is different, I do not do creative designs (like logo creations), I do vector tracing (recreate the same image in the exact look of the original sent to me). I raise my prices accordingly the time it will demand me to work.

Thankfully I avoided 1 of those extra cancellations and avoiding the second one too. Between all these “crazy” buyers, at least there are some with conscious.

I’m not saying that because I think it’s simple or a solution.
I keep saying it because I believe that sellers shouldn’t simply cancel from their side and accept it as a given that their rate will definitely drop which in turn might lead to level demotion.
If it’s clearly buyer fault and as long as it’s not possible to cancel oneself in such cases without it affecting one’s rate and perhaps level, I think sellers should contact support to do it for them. They should either cancel without it affecting sellers’ rate then or at least be kept aware of this still being an issue that needs a real solution and pass it on to those whose job it is to come up with solutions.

I’m sorry that you didn’t have any success with “buyer fault cancellations” not being reflected in your rate but there are several posts by people who had orders cancelled without it affecting their rate.

If people simply accept it and get used to it and cancel, there’s not much of an incentive for support/Fiverr to keep this on their radar as an unsolved issue.

And the saga continues. 4 more orders cancelled today.

And you know why? Because buyers refuses to read my gig description or contact me before.

We gave you the solution to reduce this, but you said you tried it and it was ‘a disaster’.
By disaster I assume you meant that you experienced sales drop.

Well, pick your poison, either deal with many orders + many cancellations, or fewer orders + less (if not zero) cancellations.

Good luck.